How to make White Claw slushies at home

People everywhere seem to love White Claw. The spiked seltzer exploded in popularity in 2019; at one point, it even sold out in entire cities across the nation. It comes in a range of fruity flavors, including black cherry, lime and mango. In March, White Claw introduced three new flavors for spring: watermelon, lemon and tangerine.

Now people are turning their beloved White Claw into slushies. Users on the social media platform TikTok have been sharing short videos showing how to use the hard seltzer to create alcoholic slushies at home, and they couldn’t be easier to make. All you have to do is pick your White Claw of choice, add some fresh or frozen fruits and put everything into the blender with ice. Many people are also adding vodka to the mix, and a few are branching out with rum or tequila — though hard liquor definitely isn’t a requirement.

According to People, the trend originated with film producer Julia Abner, who posted a recipe video with lemon White Claw, Tito’s vodka and frozen mixed berries. That video has been liked over 340,000 times.

@juuliaabnerHow to enhance your White Claw. ##whiteclaw ##quarantinelife ##fyp ##comedу♬ original sound – juuliaabner

Others have experimented with different combinations, like mango White Claw with frozen peach slices, or black cherry White Claw with frozen mixed berries, grenadine and vodka. While some people have shared measurements, it seems like this is the type of “recipe” where you can just eyeball the ingredients until it tastes delicious.

You can definitely get creative, too. One TikTok user, Jaky Nieves, even created a sugar rim for her slushies, which consisted of raspberry White Claw, moonshine and frozen strawberries. Watch her how-to below!

@jakynieveswait for it… ##fyp ##reallifeathome ##quarantine ##foryou ##moonshine ##whiteclaw♬ original sound – mariaderenzin

Instagrammer Vanessa B said her White Claw slushie “came out so good” — and we have to agree that it looks delicious!

White Claw is also useful for other cocktail recipes. It can be used to replace any other carbonated mixer, so it’s ideal for creating a fruitier (and slightly more alcoholic) version of your usual favorites — gin and tonics, vodka sodas and more. You can also get more creative. One cocktail connoisseur, Armeta Sidhu, has even made White Claw margaritas!

Cocktails not your thing? You can repurpose your White Claw in other ways, too. Try making a candle out of it.

[h/t: PopSugar]


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