How To Order A Jack-O-Lantern Pizza At Papa John’s

While I will forever argue that Halloween is not just a holiday for kids, it is definitely different once you reach adulthood. There’s no more trick-or-treating, of course, and now you have to think about other things like, “Will my child be warm enough?” And: “Will we have time for dinner before they eat their weight in candy?”

The answer to the latter is “not likely,” as trick-or-treating often begins as the sun is setting or before, leaving you maybe an hour or less when you get home from work to have dinner and get your children into costume.

An easy solution? Pizza! Not only can it be delivered, but honestly, what kid doesn’t want a pizza party to kick off Halloween?

If you find yourself in a time crunch this Halloween, Papa John’s has seriously upped the Halloween pizza game with family packages and an entire large pizza shaped like a jack-o-lantern to keep things extra festive! It’s all available now through Oct. 31.

Papa John's

A large jack-o-lantern pizza with pepperoni costs $11 and can be ordered online or via the Paper Rewards app using the promo code JACKOLANTERN. A special drink add-on deal is also available including four two-liter drinks for $8 by using the promo code THIRSTY.

A few other packages you can find now through Halloween include:

  • The “Scary Good Deal”
    • Five large one-topping pizzas for $42.50 (promo code: SCARE)
  • The “Spooky Great Deal”
    • Five large one-topping pizzas with the option of three bread sides/desserts for $55 (promo code: GHOST)
  • The “Jack-O-Lantern Pizza Package”
    • One large jack-o-lantern pizza, five large one-topping pizzas with the option of three bread sides and three desserts for $80 (promo code: TRICKORTREAT)
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Will you be ordering an adorable jack-o-lantern pizza this Halloween?