How your waffle iron can help resurrect leftover pizza


According to the famous saying, even when pizza is bad, it’s still pretty good. But, when it comes to leftover pizza, the same isn’t always true. Reheating pizza can lead to soggy, unappetizing results, with the crust getting floppy and chewy and the cheese turning to molten lava.

Here’s an ingenious tip for reheating leftover pizza without such disappointing results: Break out your waffle iron! Yes, really. Your waffle iron could be the secret hero that rescues your cold pizza from a fate in the trash can and puts it right where it belongs: your belly.

Claire Lower, senior food editor of Lifehacker, shared this inventive trick online, explaining that as long as you have least two leftover slices of pizza, you can easily “waffle” them back to life.

Now, this trick won’t work if you have one of those adorable mini-waffle makers, you need a full-size waffle maker to pull it off.

The key is apparently to sandwich your slices together with the tops (aka the cheesy sides) touching. Lower advises spreading a bit of olive oil on the bottom of each crust before laying the slices on your preheated waffle iron. You can even add new toppings to your ‘za to spice things up, whether you want to chop up some bell peppers, open a can of olives or even just add more cheese. Just add the new toppings to your bottom pizza slice before layering on the top one.

When you’re done, you’ll have a hot, gooey “sandwich” made of two leftover pieces of pizza. The best part is that you’ll have two sides of crispy crust to hold while you eat it. You might never have to throw out leftover pizza again!


And, by the way, there are lots of other savory uses for your waffle iron beyond just making waffles and reviving leftover pizza. You can also use it to make quesadillas, hash browns and grilled cheese sandwiches. Or try making a sweet dessert, such as brownies or even grilled apples.

Who knew your humble waffle iron had so many hidden talents?

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