Here’s how you can get a free full-size MAC lipstick

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The perfect pout can be difficult to master. What shade suits your skin tone? Which colors are on trend? Keeping all this in mind while going down the makeup aisle (or shopping online) can easily become overwhelming, but MAC Cosmetics is here to take the guesswork out of choosing the right hue, all thanks to their latest deal.

When you shop in store or online before June 25, MAC Cosmetics is giving you the chance to stock up on three lipsticks for the price of two!

Buy two lip products, and score a free full-sized lippie for no extra charge. Not bad, huh?

Not only is the #MACLipsLipsLips event helping you add to your beauty collection just in time for summer, it’s also giving you the chance to try fresh hues and explore new trends.

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Interested in rocking a metallic pucker? What about a barely there “popsicle pout?”

If so, pay a visit to the MAC Cosmetics website because they’ll describe how to create the this season’s hottest trends and recommend the products you should buy to achieve each and every look.

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Seriously, shopping for lipstick’s never been this easy!

As far as that full-sized free lip product goes, you’ll only have a few shades you can choose from, but with this range of colors, there’s bound to be one you’ll love.

For instance, if you enter code “FIRE” at checkout while shopping online, you’ll receive a bright, warm fuchsia lipstick for free.

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

But, if you enter code “BBQ,” you’ll get a vivid orange-red, instead.

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

These typically retail in the $17 price range. There are six options to choose from, so if you’ve been dying to try a bold new color, now’s your chance!

You’ll need to purchase two lip products before you have the option of receiving the free item, of course, but that definitely won’t be difficult to do. You can choose from glosses, lipsticks, lip brushes and more.

Add two to your cart, enter the code of the color you love the most and soon three all-new lippies will be at your door.

Get ready to take your makeup routine to the next level, just in time for the summer season!