These huge floating Poetic Kinetics sculptures are simply unreal

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If you ever wander into one of the cities where design studio Poetic Kinetics has set up shop, prepare to have your mind blown. The artists that make up Poetic Kinetics create huge, floating sculptures that make most people do a double-take, and all of their installations feature different forms of beautiful movement.

Videos of one sculpture in particular have recently gone viral, and you’ll definitely want to see the seamless motion of “Liquid Shard” as it dances over downtown Los Angeles.

The installation is made of silver holographic mylar, and spans an area of over 15,000 square feet. The project is made up of two layers (comprised of 90,000 small streamers) that float in an area spanning between 15 feet off the ground to 115 feet in the air, which lets the wind move the piece in slow waves through the sky.

“The inspiration comes from observing nature and the feeling that we are only aware on a very surface level of what is really going on around us,” Patrick Shearn, co-founder of Poetic Kinetics and the artist behind “Liquid Shard”, said in a statement. “Unexpected things revealed in time-lapse or hyper-spectrum photography fascinate me. Like fractals recurring progressively, we feel the currents of air on our skin but do not see the larger movements. I wanted to play in that realm with this piece.”

Take a look at the unreal art project below:

“Liquid Shard” isn’t the only floating piece of beauty that Poetic Kinetics has created. The group also masterminded “Firebird Descent,” a massive, colorful piece that was installed in St. Petersburg, Russia, as well as “Nimbus,” which is a huge, ever-changing cloud set up in the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

The design studio also creates huge, lit-up statues of spacemen, flowers and snails, and they’re all well worth checking out on Poetic Kinetics’ website. And if you’re a fan of art and design and travel, you might just want to book a trip to a city hosting one of their beautiful pieces of work sometime soon.

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