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Attention, George Clooney Fans: 15 Seasons Of ‘ER’ Reruns Are Now On Hulu

We're so excited! Did you watch "ER" when it first aired?

Before there was “Grey’s Anatomy” or “House,” there was “ER.” NBC’s medical drama was appointment-television for millions of Americans during the 1990s. And now streaming service Hulu is bringing the magic back, as it just made 15 seasons of “ER” available to watch anytime.

Yes, you will now have more than 330 episodes of drama, romance and medical mysteries all at your fingertips!

Oh, and a young George Clooney, of course. As Dr. Doug Ross, Clooney was a big reason “ER” was so insanely watchable. For many years it had over 30 million viewers every week and 47.8 million viewers at its peak in 1998, according to the New York Times. It has earned a record-breaking 124 Emmy nominations, the most nominations ever received by any drama series. Many people thought Clooney was a little nuts when he left the popular television show in 1999 in order to pursue a movie career.

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Critics wondered whether he was heading towards massive stardom …or accidental obscurity. Of course, now in 2018, we all know the answer to that question! Not only has Clooney earned millions as an actor, he has also won two Academy Awards and been nominated an additional six times.

Before Clooney was a household name, he was just an actor trying to make it in a very tough business. In fact, he had to beg to even audition for a part of the “ER” series. Executive producer John Wells recalled:

“George Clooney begged me for a part. He came after me for it. Our second day in the office, George showed up and wouldn’t leave until I’d let him audition … George got his hands on the material and was like a dog with a bone.”

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Wow. It’s hard to imagine “ER” without Clooney. But of course, the show thrived even after their beloved Dr. Ross’ exit.

For 15 years, viewers tuned in to get lost in the lives of staff at Country General Hospital — and now, we get to go back and enjoy that wonderful world all over again.

[H/t: TODAY]