The Most Binge-Worthy Shows On Hulu Right Now

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It seems like Hulu sometimes gets overlooked in the discussions about cord-cutting and binge-watching. The fact is, it’s cheaper than Netflix and has virtually endless hours of beloved TV shows from all eras, including episodes of new shows soon after they air.

If you’re a Hulu subscriber, you can easily get lost scrolling through all the options available to you. We’ve rounded up the most binge-worthy shows now streaming on the service. There’s something for everyone here!

‘The Shield’

Currently On Hulu: 89 episodes (Seven seasons)

If you’re into cop shows that have a little edge to them, you’ll want to stream “The Shield.” Every episode of FX’s acclaimed drama is now available on Hulu. The show follows a dirty LAPD detective who leads an experimental division of officers who are fine with using any amount of force they deem necessary. It might be an exhausting binge, but “The Shield” will keep you hooked through seven seasons.


‘Broad City’

Currently On Hulu: 40 episodes (Four seasons)

This offbeat comedy from executive producer Amy Poehler follows two 20-something friends as they live their bizarre lives in New York City. It stars comedians Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, real-life pals who also co-created the series and play fictionalized versions of themselves. The show has picked up rave reviews since debuting on Comedy Central in 2014 and its brisk, 10-episode seasons and 22-minute episode length make “Broad City” perfect for bingeing.


‘Top Of The Lake’

Currently On Hulu: 13 episodes (Two seasons)

If gritty crime mysteries are more your thing, you’ll want to spend some time with this British-produced series. It’s set in New Zealand and Australia and follows Elisabeth Moss as Detective Robin Griffin, a tough investigator who specializes in sex crimes. In each short season — there are only 13 total episodes of the series so far — Griffin investigates a different crime, including a missing persons case and a murder.


‘The Twilight Zone’

Currently On Hulu: 156 episodes (Five seasons)

An oldie but a goodie, “The Twilight Zone” is perfect for binge-watching because every episode acts as its own contained story. The entire series, which ran for 156 episodes from 1959 to 1964, is now streaming on Hulu. Each half-hour story will either creep you out or teach you a valuable life lesson — or sometimes both. As anyone who’s ever watched “The Twilight Zone” will tell you, once you start this series, you’ll want to watch every single episode.



Currently On Hulu: 30 episodes (Three seasons)

One of the most acclaimed and unique series of recent TV history, FX’s “Fargo” can be found streaming on Hulu in its entirety. The show is set in the world of the classic 1996 crime flick “Fargo,” with each season taking place in a different time period and following different characters. The 10-episode seasons and constant twists and turns make this one a dream for anyone looking for their next TV obsession.



Currently On Hulu: 94 episodes (10 seasons)

If you watched Discovery Channel at all in the 2000s, you probably wasted many hours watching “MythBusters.” This wonderfully nerdy series saw its hosts, Jamie and Adam, test commonly held myths, urban legends and movie tricks to see if they hold up in real life.

Hulu currently has 94 episodes of the show, starting with its 2011 season, so if you stopped watching the show in about 2006, you can watch a bunch of tests you haven’t yet seen! The beauty of “MythBusters” is that you can pretty much pick any random episode and start bingeing.



Currently On Hulu: 71 episodes (Six seasons)

Another reality-TV gem that is perfect for binge-watching is A&E’s “Hoarders.” This guilty-pleasure classic follows people who have a serious problem with getting rid of things as professionals try to help them clean up their messy houses and restart their lives. “Hoarders” is a great show to get lost in if you need a confidence boost about the cleanliness of your own home.


‘Malcolm In The Middle’

Currently On Hulu: 151 episodes (Seven seasons)

Before Bryan Cranston was a meth-making chemistry teacher in “Breaking Bad,” he was the dad on this beloved early-2000s family sitcom from Fox. “Malcolm in the Middle” follows a working-class family through its ups and downs, focusing on its middle son who is deemed “gifted” at school. All the actors are perfect in their roles, and “Malcolm in the Middle” is one of the funniest and most relatable shows you can now binge entirely on Hulu.


’30 Rock’

Currently On Hulu: 138 episodes (Seven seasons)

If you love constant laughs, “30 Rock” is one of the most fast-paced comedies you could ever watch. The jokes come virtually non-stop, and it’s full of references aimed at people who’ve spent waaaay too much time watching TV (present company included). It follows creator Tina Fey as the head writer of a sketch-comedy show that’s like an awful version of “Saturday Night Live.” The 138, half-hour episodes fly by once you get into this one.


‘Desperate Housewives’

Currently On Hulu: 180 episodes (Eight seasons)

One of TV’s all-time great guilty pleasures, “Desperate Housewives” was basically a weekly soap opera. Its eight seasons are loaded with gasp-worthy moments that usually involve sex or crime. Plus, the main cast — made up of Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman — is the definition of perfect casting as they play housewives living on a seemingly ideal suburban street.


‘Bob’s Burgers’

Currently On Hulu: 155 episodes (Nine seasons)

It may surprise you to know that, according to Hulu, “Bob’s Burgers” is the most popular show it streams. This animated sitcom has been airing on Fox since 2011 and every episode is currently available to stream. The show follows the lovable Belcher family, which runs a burger joint together. Clearly, if it ranks as Hulu’s most popular series, it has to be worth a binge!


‘The Good Wife’

Currently On Hulu: 156 episodes (Seven seasons)

One of the most acclaimed shows to air on CBS in recent years, “The Good Wife” is now streaming in its entirety on Hulu. This addictive show is a legal drama mixed with politics. It also has an awesome cast, including Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski and Josh Charles. If you’re looking for a new drama to binge, “The Good Wife” is a great choice.


‘The Golden Girls’

Currently On Hulu: 180 episodes (Seven seasons)

If you’re looking for some ’80s nostalgia, it doesn’t get much better than “The Golden Girls.” The entire series, about a group of ultra-sassy older women who live together in Miami, is now streaming on Hulu. If you love sitcoms, you’ve got to add this one to your watch list.



Currently On Hulu: 98 episodes (Five seasons)

Another one that’s perfect for lovers of family sitcoms is ABC’s “Black-ish.” This one follows the lives of a wealthy black family in California and is full of hilarious situations and performances. “Black-ish” is still on the air but every episode streams on Hulu, meaning you can catch up with the newest season. If you like comedy that can be hard-hitting as well as wacky, you’ll have a blast watching this one.


‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

Currently On Hulu: 144 episodes (Seven seasons)

A true teen classic of the ’90s, “Buffy” is a must-binge for anyone who likes the supernatural and doesn’t mind a little camp. The visual effects may look a little cheesy today but that’s all part of the nostalgic charm, and the insights into teen life are still razor sharp. The series comes from creator Joss Whedon, who was also behind “The Avengers.”


‘The Good Doctor’

Currently On Hulu: 22 episodes (Two seasons)

This medical drama, about a young surgical resident who has autism, has been a favorite of audiences and critics since it debuted in 2017. Every episode of “The Good Doctor” is currently streaming on Hulu, meaning you can quickly catch up to the newest ones airing on ABC. Based on what people have said about this series, you’ll be hooked in no time.


‘The X-Files’

Currently On Hulu: 211 episodes (11 seasons)

I can personally attest to the binge-ability of Fox’s classic “The X-Files.” My wife and I blew through every episode when we first got married and it’s still some of the most fun I’ve ever had watching a show. The series follows a pair of FBI agents who investigate cases that appear to involve paranormal phenomena. Most episodes follow unique plots that aren’t connected to others, making it an easy one to get lost in — especially if you like monsters and creepy stories.


‘Fixer Upper’

Currently On Hulu: 58 episodes (Four seasons)

As anyone who has ever spent a weekend glued to HGTV can attest, home-renovation shows are made for binge-watching. “Fixer Upper” follows the immensely likable couple Chip and Joanna Gaines as they improve houses and shock the homeowners with the results. “Fixer Upper” is one of the ultimate shows that will keep you saying, “just one more episode …” after each one ends.


‘Forensic Files’

Currently On Hulu: 107 episodes (Seven seasons)

Like “Fixer Upper” and “Hoarders” before it, “Forensic Files” is a show that can easily take up your entire weekend if you’re not careful. If you’re obsessed with true-crime documentaries and murder mysteries, you’ll be instantly sucked in by these half-hour stories of real killings that were undone by forensics.

There have been more than 400 episodes of “Forensic Files” in the show’s history, so while the entire run isn’t on Hulu, more than 100 of them are ready for you to stream endlessly.


‘American Horror Story’

Currently On Hulu: 84 episodes (Seven seasons)

FX’s “American Horror Story” is one of the rare shows that streams on Hulu and Netflix. The show is perfect for bingeing because each season follows a totally new story and characters, meaning you can skip entire seasons if you aren’t feeling the premise. As long as you don’t mind being terrified while you binge — especially by the creepy opening credits of each season — “American Horror Story” is a great one to tear through.


‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Currently On Hulu: 23 episodes (Two seasons)

Hulu’s most popular original series is this Emmy-winning drama. It’s great for bingeing as long as you don’t mind being horribly depressed by what you’re witnessing. The gripping story is set in a dystopian world where women have lost their human rights. Follow one woman who tries to find her way to freedom. If you like your binge-watching sessions to be intense, “The Handmaid’s Tale” is the one to pick.


‘Will & Grace’

Currently On Hulu: 194 episodes (Eight seasons)

One of the funniest and most groundbreaking network shows of the ’90s is now streaming on Hulu. Nearly 200 episodes of “Will & Grace,” which span the entire original run of the series, are available on the service. The latest five episodes of the new revival, which kicked off on NBC in 2017, are also streaming on Hulu.


‘Parks and Recreation’

Currently On Hulu: 123 episodes (Seven seasons)

One of the most binge-worthy comedies on Hulu is NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” This faux-documentary sitcom follows a team of government employees inside the parks department of a small city in Indiana. If you’ve already binged “The Office” about 20 times on Netflix (who hasn’t?), “Parks and Recreation” is the natural next step. It’s hilarious and touching in equal measure and you’ll probably just end up letting the episodes play without a break.



Currently On Hulu: 171 episodes (Nine seasons)

Sure, the reruns of “Seinfeld” pretty much play on a loop on cable TV, but if you’ve never watched the iconic sitcom in its entirety, Hulu has every episode for you. From “The Chinese Restaurant” to “The Puffy Shirt” to “The Summer of George,” every classic joke is now waiting at the touch of a button. The stories from each episode don’t typically have anything to do with the next one, so it doesn’t require much mental energy to breeze through a chunk of episodes at once.


‘This Is Us’

Currently On Hulu: 41 episodes (Three seasons)

In our opinion, the most binge-worthy series on all of Hulu is NBC’s beloved family drama “This Is Us.” The smash-hit show follows the lives of the Pearson family across several timelines at once, including in the 1980s, 1990s, present day and the future. All 41 episodes that have aired so far are now streaming on Hulu, so you have no excuse not to catch up and be part of the conversations at work. Just keep the tissues close because you’ll need many of them.