The Hurricane Harvey Book Club for children may be the sweetest thing to come out of the natural disaster

As devastating as it is to hear about Americans left homeless and hurting as a result of Tropical Storm Harvey, one thing is for sure: It has also shown that we are still a united country, and that people from all over the nation are willing to contribute their time, energy and love to help Texans through this tough time.

And here is a unique way that you and your children can be part of those relief efforts: By making a video of your kiddos reading their favorite children’s books, and then uploading the clip to the Hurricane Harvey Book Club Facebook group.


The book club is meeting a simple but profound need of children displaced by Harvey. Most of these families had to leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and they certainly did not have time to grab beloved books. Hence, there many kids in storm shelters right now with nothing to read.

It might sound like a small thing when compared to problems like lost property and pets, but ask any bookworm: There is nothing like the comfort and joy that a good book can bring during a difficult time.


With this in mind, second-grade teacher Kathryn Butler Mills of Katy, Texas, created the Hurricane Harvey Book Club. The neat thing about the group is that anyone can participate, whether it’s a kid in Arkansans or Washington or even in Texas! In fact, the group already has more than 32,000 members, so clearly the idea is catching on.

Some of Mills’ own students have participated in the project, and it has been a way for them to stay entertained during these long days of waiting out the storm. Not to mention, it also helps to keep them reading and learning, even when they can’t attend school.

“[The book club] has been such a source of light for me in this storm. I think it has been good medicine for both children and adults—it was a group that was thought up out of love and it has grown out of love for this sweet community,” Mills told TODAY. “Texas is a pretty big place and so is the district I work for, but one thing is for sure: We pull together like a small town.”

What a sweet idea. If you want to participate, join the Facebook group. Once you are accepted into the closed group, you can also check out videos from other families as well. It might even lead you to find a new favorite children’s author!

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