Bakery Gives Free Coffee To People Waiting In Gas Lines Before Irma

A Florida bakery is proving how in a time of crisis, seemingly small things can make a big difference. After giving out free cups of coffee to people waiting in line for gasoline before Hurricane Irma hits, their act of kindness is going viral.

No Coffee Allowed

Miami-based Pinecrest Bakery already has strong roots in its community. In 2016, the bakery became embroiled in a battle with Starbucks after the chain, which has a location in the same shopping center as one of Pinecrest’s shops, demanded exclusive coffee rights in that location, reports.

Pinecrest was eventually allowed to sell only pots of brewed American coffee. Missing the Cuban espresso beverages that the bakery typically sold, loyal customers fought on the shop’s behalf. They started a petition and took to social media. Eventually, Starbucks changed its stance, Miami New-Times explains.

Caring for the Community

Now Pinecrest Bakery is giving back to their customers during this stressful moment in time. As Hurricane Irma made her way toward Florida, the bakery kept all of its locations open as long as possible. Rather than raising prices as some retailers do in these situations, they had specials such as 50 percent off desserts and buy one, get one free cakes.

They took their generosity and love for their community a step further. As people lined up to fill their vehicles with gasoline, Pinecrest Bakery passed out cups of cafecito (Cuban espresso) to those waiting, as shown in this CBS Miami video:

“We’re just trying to get to the calm before the storm in the community with a little coffee from Pinecrest Bakery,” owner Efren Valsez told CBS Miami. “We’re a community bakery and we love most of the people here in line and we know them well.”

Riding the Storm Out

As of Saturday morning, Pinecrest Bakery had closed and boarded up all of its locations. They signed off on Facebook with a kind word and a prayer for protection.


[h/t: Insider]