4 Kittens Fall From Collapsing Kitchen Ceiling, Surprising Family About To Escape Hurricane Michael

Just weeks after Hurricane Florence swept across the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina are now left facing the wrath of Hurricane Michael. The storm made landfall in the Florida Panhandle on Oct. 10 and has since made its way toward Charlotte, North Carolina, leaving a wake of destruction in its path and killing at least two people so far.

But it hasn’t been all bad news in the wake of the storm, with one happy ending coming for a Florida family and four adorable kittens.

According to “Good Morning America,” the unidentified family was riding out the storm in their home in Panama City when the ceiling started to collapse on them. As they went to leave the house, four kittens came falling down from the ceiling! Apparently, the family didn’t know they had kittens living above them, but at least now the kittens are safe and can find a safe home.

A video posted to “Good Morning America’s” Facebook account recounts the amazing story — and gives us a good look at the sweet fur babies:

Stories of animals being stranded by severe weather are nothing new. Thankfully, there are people who take it upon themselves to help them.

Organizations, such as the Humane Society of Missouri, made rescue missions to save animals after Hurricane Florence, and one successful mission returned this dog, Soshe, back to her owner after she was found inside a flooded house:

Despite the fact that the house Soshe was trapped inside was nearly completely submerged by water, a crew kicked down the front door to get access to the pup, who was floating on top of a couch, and had been for nearly a week.

Similar rescue missions and willing adopters will likely be needed for animals displaced by Hurricane Michael because these four kittens surely aren’t the only animals who will need to find shelter from the storm. Perhaps a generous celebrity will step forward to help them, too, like country star Miranda Lambert did for dogs who were stranded by Hurricane Harvey in 2017, as part of her MuttNation charity.


To donate to organizations who are working to aid people and animals in need of help, clean water and more during Hurricane Michael, look to entities such as the Humane SocietyGreaterGood.org, Direct Relief, American Red Cross and other trusted nonprofits.