This husband made a video that perfectly describes his wife’s Target addiction

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The Target obsession is real for many women. We can all relate to those stories of entering Target with a three-item shopping list and emerging with an entire trunk’s worth of purchases. One woman’s husband sums up his wife’s addiction perfectly in a five-minute video. In it, he “diagnoses” her condition, calling it “Shopping at Target Disorder.”

Penn Holderness opens the video by asking, “Do you have an STD?” As watchers presumably gasp in horror, they soon learn that he’s actually referring to “Shopping at Target Disorder.” Pretty clever, though we’d argue that the Target version is much less worrisome than your average STD.

It seems like it’s a real issue for this couple, however—especially for Penn. His wife, Kim, doesn’t seem to mind as much.

He describes what it’s like to live with someone who has Shopping at Target Disorder:

“She’d be like, ‘Hey honey, I’ll be right back, I just need dish soap,'” he said in the parody video. “Two hours later, she’s back with nine full bags, including a golden Easter bunny, a bowl that doesn’t match any of our other bowls, and a cheesy statement T-shirt. And she forgot the soap.”

Yeah … we’ve all been there.

See the rest of the hilarious video below:

The husband has a solution or “cure” for his wife’s Target problem, however. He’s going to follow her around the store with an air horn and make it go off any time she reaches for something that’s not on their shopping list.

Good luck with that! You can’t stand in the way of a woman and her love for Target!

There are plenty of reasons to obsess over the retailer. Between the collaborations with people like Chip and Joanna Gaines, the dollar section and more, it’s almost too easy to get lost in the Target aisles.

The comedienne duo Leeann & Michelle made a parody video blaming the Gaines family for their love of shopping at Target, saying, “Look what Joanna made us do,” in this spoof of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do.”

And couples have even shot their wedding photos at Target. Michael Delvalle and Isabella Sablan chose to head to Target to have their photos taken after a small wedding ceremony. Because the love of Target runs deep.

So yeah—Shopping at Target Disorder may be a thing, but it’s not going to be easy to shake!


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