A Husband’s Beautiful Gift To His Blind Wife: A Hand-Planted Field Of Flowers

In the small town of Shintomi Town, Japan, there is a gorgeous field of pink flowers that blooms every spring. The sight is so stunning, in fact, it draws thousands to the area each year to see this special garden. However, the most beautiful aspect of this sea of flowers isn’t the bulbs themselves, it’s the reason that they were planted.

In 1956, Mr and Mrs Kuroki purchased the then dairy farm as the spot for their new home. From there, the couple spent thirty years raising cows together in the field. However, after complications from diabetes, Mrs. Kuroki lost her vision, and became blind.

Mrs. Kuroki was so upset that she began to shut herself away, and live a life of seclusion. Her husband, in an attempt to cheer up his wife, began planting the garden in hopes that it may bring visitors to the area. Mr. Kuroki thought if others would come visit his wife that she would find her own happiness again.

So, for two years, Mr. Kuroki leveled the land, and chopped down trees in order to build the perfect garden. From there he planted row after row of sweet-smelling pink flowers around their home.

Now, after a decade of his hard work, Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki still walk through their luscious garden every day smelling the flowers, and visiting with on-lookers who have come to see the flowers for themselves.

For more pictures of the flowers, check out this video:

H/T The Telegraph