The Hydro Hammock Is The Portable Hot Tub You Never Knew You Needed

Here’s a product to add to the packing list for your next camping or beach-going adventure.

This nifty canvas hammock holds up to 50 gallons of water plus two adults, and is sold with or without a portable heating/recirculation system. Besides functioning as a sturdy, portable hammock, the thick canvas is water impermeable and hence able to function as a portable hot tub.

The Deluxe Hydro Hammock Package, which includes everything you need to hang and heat your portable hot tub (aside from the trees to hang it between and the water needed to fill it), retails for a cool $1,580. The basic hammock on its own is $360.

Take it on your next outdoor getaway or hook it up in your backyard for an easy-to-achieve hot tub experience.

Check out the backstory and learn more about the Hydro Hammock in the video the company created for a Kickstarter campaign.

[h/t Business Insider]