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#IAmAllWoman Body Love Campaign Shows Any Woman Can Be A Model

This un-Photoshopped campaign is all about self-love, and the women behind it want you to get involved, too.

What if the women you saw on billboards and in magazines represented the women you knew in your life. Those you work with, learn from and look up to. Well, that’s exactly what this body love campaign is trying to bring to the table.

Not only is it trying to show that real women of all shapes, sizes and races can be role models, it’s also out to prove that they can be “models” on the runways, in the pages of glossy magazines and more, too.

The All Woman Project was launched by body-positive models Charli Howard and Clémentine Desseaux. The Project encourages women to share images and videos of themselves in order to grow the number of body positive posts on the internet.

The videos and un-Photoshopped photos in the All Women Project social media feeds could easily be mistaken for swimsuit ads and more. And in fact, that’s the point. Why don’t more advertisements look like this? If these women have anything to do with it, they soon will.

“We couldn’t understand why straight and plus-size models aren’t featured together more in shoots and campaigns,” Howard told Vogue. “As a consumer, you deserve to look at a fashion image and see yourself represented, not just a row of skinny Caucasian girls, but a variety of sizes and colors.”

So, ladies, here’s where you come in. This group of women is encouraging females everywhere to use #IAmAllWoman on their photographs to prove just how beautiful and unique each and every woman truly is. Because it’s our differences that make us stand out. We don’t all look the same, and that’s a good thing, after all.

Now, who else is down for embracing women everywhere? Be sure to use the hashtag to show your support!

[h/t: Hello Giggles]