Ice Cream Ramen Is The Latest Wacky Food Trend

Who doesn’t love ice cream and ramen? Both delicious foods on their own—but combined? An unlikely pair. Believe it or not, the newest food trend merges the two—well, kind of.

Ice cream ramen contains neither ice cream nor ramen, but it is a dessert inspired by both foods. And although it may sound kind of funky, it’s actually quite delicious—and beautiful, to boot.

So, if it’s not noodles made from frozen dairy, or salty miso-flavored soft-serve, what exactly is ice cream ramen? Well, the ice cream “broth” is made with crushed ice covered in evaporated milk, and the “ramen” noodles are actually made from algae, giving them a jelly-like appearance. Add in some mochi, cantaloupe, mango and white peach syrup, and you’ve got yourself a complete ice cream ramen bowl. Actually sounds pretty good, right?

The treat is the brainchild of New York City’s The Dessert Kitchen, and people on Instagram are eating this stuff up—both literally and figuratively. And can you blame them? Ramen and ice cream are both ultimate comfort foods, after all, and now you’ve got the best of both worlds.

Ice cream ramen comes on the heels of other delicious dessert hybrids such as cotton candy grapes, Oreo hot chocolate and donut ice cream cones.

[h/t: Insider]