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The Ice Cream Stuffed Donut May Be The Ultimate Sweet Treat

Ice cream just makes everything better! Even donuts!

It’s always a good time to enjoy ice cream. Whether you have it in a cone, wedged between cookies or on top of pie, there’s no going wrong with this cold treat. But, what if you take ice cream and shove it inside of a donut? Yep, that works, too!

B Sweet is a Los Angeles shop gaining a lot of popularity because they expertly combine ice cream and a hot, glazed donut to create the ultimate sweet treat.

These ice cream stuffed donuts look better than an ice cream sandwich. Better than a donut hole. Even better than a typical cream-filled donut. So, needless to say — they may be the best dessert that ever existed.

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The weekend is almost here and you definitely earned your HALO, our hot pressed glazed donut ice cream sandwich! A scoop of your favorite ice cream HEAT-SEALED inside our fresh glazed donut right in front of you. Hot on the outside, cold on the inside and yummy allover! We also have our famous Chess Pie, our Cherry Pie, Snickers Cake and WAY more! Oh and since #summer is finally here, we're going back LIVE MUSIC Friday and Saturday nights as long as the weather cooperates. So yes, LIVE MUSIC TONIGHT AND TOMORROW NIGHT from 7:30PM to 10:30PM. Come party with us! Open till 11pm tonight. Pic: @lavendervroman #BSweet #BSweetDessertBar #dessert #desserts #sweet #sweets #cake #cakes #bakery #baking #filipinofood #filipinofoodmovement #SawtelleJapantown #LA #LosAngeles #MyDayInLA #BestInLA #dessertporn #foodpic #foodpics #frosting #foodporn #icecream #icecreamsandwich #donut #donuts #donuticecreamsandwich #BSweetHALO #sandwich

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B Sweet’s dubbed these treats “Halos,” and that’s accurate. The heavens truly sent them to us from above!

A hot glazed donut combined with a scoop of your favorite ice cream? It doesn’t get any better than that!

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Have you earned your HALO this week?! Of course you did! Choose a scoop of your favorite ice cream and watch as we HEAT-SEAL it inside our fresh, hot glazed donut right in front of you! No need to hide behind a wall 😉 Cold on the inside, hot on the outside and yummy all over! Since it's Sunday, it's also your LAST DAY to enjoy items from this week's menu like our Ube Coffee Cake and Birthday Cheesecake. Open till 10pm tonight. Bring your family and friends by. Pic: @goodeatzco #BSweet #BSweetDessertBar #dessert #desserts #sweet #sweets #cake #cakes #bakery #baking #filipinofood #filipinofoodmovement #SawtelleJapantown #LA #LosAngeles #MyDayInLA #BestInLA #dessertporn #foodpic #frosting #foodporn #ube #icecreamsandwich #icecream #donut #donuts #philippines #BSweetHalo #doughnuts #sweettooth

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B Sweet shared this behind-the-scenes glimpse at how these delicious treats are whipped up in the Instagram video below:

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Happy #NationalDonutDay!!! Come celebrate with one of our famous HALO hot pressed glazed donut ice cream sandwiches! Here's a behind the scenes video of how we make it! No hiding behind walls here 😉 Oh and don't drool on your phone. To celebrate, TONIGHT ONLY from 6PM till we sell out, tell your cashier "I'm an angel" to get our special BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE deal!!! Yup, buy a Halo for yourself and give your free one to your buddy, or family member, or a stranger, or heck… just eat both! Thrifty flavors only. Open from noon to 11pm tonight! Buy one get one FREE deal starts at 6pm and goes till we sell out of Halos. See you soon. Video: @foodwithsoy #BSweet #BSweetDessertBar #dessert #desserts #sweet #sweets #cake #cakes #bakery #baking #filipinofood #filipinofoodmovement #SawtelleJapantown #LA #LosAngeles #MyDayInLA #BestInLA #dessertporn #foodpic #foodpics #frosting #foodporn #NationalDoughnutDay #donut #donuts #icecream #icecreamsandwich #ube #bogo

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But, thankfully, you don’t have to live in LA to be able to get your hands on one of these ice cream concoctions.

There are other places such as Cookie Monster Ice Cream in El Cajon, California, Five Daughters Bakery in Nashville, Tennessee, (pictured below) and Holey Cream in New York City.

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A Sunday well spent brings a belly of content 😋

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Make Your Own Ice Cream Donut

While I firmly believe that trying these would be well worth the road trip, it’s nice to know there are a couple of different ways you can recreate these desserts at home.

Here’s how to make your own ice cream filled donut, courtesy of this video from AwesomenessTV.

You can also create mini donut hole versions of the treat. Simply using biscuit dough, ice cream and oil for frying, and before you know it, you’ll have a delicious mini-dessert to snack on!

Knowing just how easy these are to make could definitely be dangerous for your diet. But wouldn’t it be wonderful for your taste buds?

Pillsbury also offers up a way you can take regular flaky biscuit dough and turn it into a glazed treat. Just slice it in half and fill it with ice cream, which honestly, sounds pretty yummy.

ice cream donut

However, I could easily see this being done by slicing a donut in half, too. This leaves out the step of trying to recreate the glazed doughy goodness from scratch. Then, maybe try to recreate the hot press method that B Sweet uses with a panini press.

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So, who’s ready to buy a dozen donuts, a quart of ice cream and start enjoying their summer in the best way? I know I am!