Restaurants are serving decadent ice cream tacos

Long before we had piecaken, cronuts and frosé, a man named Alan Drazen dreamed up the very first dessert taco. You probably don’t know his name, but you certainly know his work. In 1983, he worked at Jack & Jill Ice Cream Company in New Jersey and created the infamous Choco Taco. He deserves the credit (or blame) for at least one of our modern sugary obsessions.

Recently, restaurants across the country have added their sweet spin to Drazen’s original. Their modern dessert tacos are a sight to behold and Taco Tuesday suddenly became so much sweeter!

Dessert Dreams

Inside Parlor Pizza Bar in Chicago, The Dessert Dealer offers up a fully loaded dessert menu. While everything looks incredible, the dessert tacos reign supreme. The business offers eight different dessert tacos to choose from at its Chicago West Loop location, while it offers six dessert tacos in Wicker Park.

One of the clear favorites on Instagram is the Unicorn Dreams. This sugar bomb starts with a sprinkle-coated waffle shell loaded with birthday cake ice cream. Then it is topped with gummy worms, fruity marshmallows, rainbow airheads, blue-raspberry sauce and whipped cream.

Take a look and try not to drool:

If you’re feeling creative, you can design your own Tacolato. According to the menu, you pick a shell, filling, sauce and up to three toppings. The possibilities are practically endless with three different shells, 10 gelato and ice cream flavors, seven sauces, and more than 30 toppings.

Naturally, these dessert tacos are picture perfect if you’re patient enough to wait before you take a bite. Maybe that’s why they’re still popular throughout the winter even when temperatures plummet in Chicago.

Taco Trending

Chicago isn’t the only city of dessert taco-holics. New York City’s marshmallow shop Squish Marshmallows serves a S’mores Taco. It’s stuffed with housemade marshmallows and Ice & Vice ice cream.

Here’s a look at the drippy delicacy:

On the other coast, Sweet Cup in Los Angeles is literally on a roll with its dessert tacos. Here, you can indulge in sweet waffle shells filled with rolled ice cream. There’s a crowd-pleasing Disney-inspired Monster Ink taco. It features blue-tinted taco shell with Oreo-and-chocolate-chip ice cream with whipped cream, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate drizzle.

Also out west, Wiz Bang Bar in Portland dreamed up an elevated Choco Taco of its own. The Chocolate Tacolates contain Salt & Straw soft serve ice cream covered with local Woodblock chocolate and a bit of mineral salt instead of peanuts, according to The ice cream filling also has a cinnamon-ancho flavor with a chocolate ripple.

None of these dessert tacos will qualify for the taco cleanse, but they look well worth the calories anyway!

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