5 Iced Coffee Tricks To Make The Best Drink Ever

Now that the warmer months are finally here, it’s time to ditch that hot cup of coffee and opt for an iced version. The trouble with iced coffee is that it’s hard to mix with regular sugar and cream.

But, these 5 hacks are here to save the day and change the way you enjoy iced coffee at home for good. No more rushed Starbucks stops for you!

So, here are the best 5 ways to have iced coffee at home, according to The Domestic Geek.

1. Use Sweetened Condensed Milk

Opt for a sweetener and creamer in one.

2. Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is the best sweetener you can use for iced coffee because it easily mixes in, no dissolving involved. You can buy this at the store or make it at home for yourself.

3. Inside Out Coffee

Instead of starting with coffee as a base, you can let your coffee be the ice cubes in your drink. All you have to do then is add milk or cream. You can make this first thing in the morning, allow it to melt while you shower and when you’re done, you’ve got cold creamy coffee ready and waiting for you.

4. Vanilla Iced Coffee

For a dessert with a caffeine kick, let ice cream be what cools that coffee of yours down.

5. Breakfast Smoothie

You may also enjoy having your coffee and your breakfast combined. You can do just that by combining a banana, yogurt, ice, coffee and chocolate protein powder into one caffeinated smoothie!

Get a jumpstart to your day with any of these delicious iced coffee recipes, courtesy of The Domestic Geek. Check out the video above for the full recipes.