Identical Twins Give Birth Hours Apart At The Same Hospital

Rachael McGeoch and Rebecca Pistone are identical twins who have been close their entire lives. Sharing this experience together, however, is probably the greatest thing they’ll ever do: The sisters gave birth just 20 hours apart from each other at the same hospital!

It all started when McGeoch went in to be induced.

“After 2.5 days of trying to induce me and nothing working, we knew we needed to be together. Bec came up to Boston to hold my hand and I finally went into active labor. As she and Bill were supporting me, she went into labor, too,” McGeoch wrote on Facebook.

So now, not just one, but both sisters were in labor with their first child.

The twins had joked about this scenario, but they didn’t know if it would actually come true.

“We talked about wanting to wheel two beds into one room and imagined us holding hands with our husband’s high-fiving over us,” McGeoch told Us Weekly. And that’s nearly how things went down.

With her sister in a room next door, McGeoch went on to give birth to a little boy, William Charles Bubenicek. Meanwhile, her sister was still in labor.

“Bec labored all night and morning but had not made much progress, the baby was in the wrong position and she was stalled. We knew she needed some inspiration,” McGeoch wrote on Facebook. So it was twin power to the rescue!

“The nurses/midwives helped me sneak in with baby William so she could meet and hold him,” she wrote.

It helped! Less than 30 minutes later, Pistone gave birth to a baby girl, Andi Isabella Pistone. The cousins are only 20 hours apart!

Even though the twin sisters live in separate cities, they’ve been able to keep in constant contact now that the babies have been born, which is something they did all throughout their pregnancies, too.

“We’ll just hang out on speaker phone for hours since we are both home and we have so much to figure out from giving the first bath to burping techniques,” McGeoch told Us Weekly. “I honestly can’t imagine going through this without her. It was just meant to be.”

The babies are now one month old, and they’ve already gotten to spend quite a bit of time together. The parents shared with ABC News that they’ve have been back and forth for visits at least four times already.

“Hopefully they’ll be as close as Rachael and I have been,” Pistone told ABC News. “It’s always been our dream for them.”

As far as their twin moms are concerned, giving birth this closely together is the best thing they’ve done so far. “There are so many awesome things about being a twin but this might take the cake,” McGeoch wrote on Facebook.

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to close siblings. Sisters Corey Struve Talbott and Katie Struve Morgan aren’t twins, but their babies practically are. They gave birth to them just 20 mins apart from each other!

You know what they say — sisterhood is powerful!