Idina Menzel confirms that she’ll be back for the third ‘Frozen’ film

Idina Menzel
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Elsa herself has said she will be back for “Frozen 3.”

Actor and singer Idina Menzel confirmed the news in a June 12 interview with Billboard following her performance at the WeHo Pride festival in West Hollywood, in which she performed “Move” off her upcoming album “Drama Queen.” She also belted out the now-famous “Let It Go” from the first “Frozen” movie.

“They tease it to us and I have no idea. They don’t show you a script, they don’t show you anything,” she told Billboard New’s Tetris Kelly. “All I know is, yeah, we’re going to make one and that’s it. And so I’m like, ‘Cool, I’ll be able to pay my bills.'”

Menzel played Queen Elsa alongside Kristen Bell as her sister Anna in both the first and second Disney “Frozen” animated films. The first “Frozen” made $1.285 billion theatrically worldwide, and “Frozen 2” passed that amount, earning $1.32 billion.

In her Billboard interview, Menzel also shared that her favorite “Frozen” moment is when Elsa is riding the Water Horse in “Frozen 2,” adding that it made her think of a scene in her favorite movie as a kid, the 1979 movie adaptation of “Black Stallion.” The scene she references is when a young boy tames and rides a wild stallion for the first time while both are stranded on a deserted island. It’s a life-changing moment for each of them.

“It reminded me of that, when she finds out who she is and believes that,” she said.

Collider predicts that “Frozen 3” will come out in November 2025, based on “Frozen” coming out in 2014 and “Frozen 2” being released in 2019, plus some general dates reserved for unnamed projects on Disney’s calendar.

However, no firm release date or plot details have emerged for the third film of the incredibly popular animated story. Plenty of fans have ideas and theories about what the film should cover, though.

Disney first confirmed a “Frozen 3” in its first-quarter earnings call in February 2023, where Disney CEO Bob Iger also announced a second “Zootopia” film and a fifth “Toy Story” movie. Earlier this month, the president of Disney Studios revealed that the company has more than 50 new movies in the works, including many franchise extensions such as this sequel.

Are you excited about “Frozen 3” or are you more on the “let it go” side of the franchise?

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