If you haven’t tried Christmas eggnog bread, you’re seriously missing out

Forget fruitcake. That heavy, fruit-laden log that always seems to appear around the holidays finally has some seasonal quickbread competition: Christmas eggnog bread.

And unlike fruitcake, which often seems to elicit good-natured groans, Christmas eggnog bread will evoke nothing other than whole-hearted yums.

As the name suggests, Christmas eggnog bread is made with the top flavors of the winter season, including cinnamon, nutmeg, rum and, of course, eggnog.

Two Peas and Their Pod

Over at Two Peas and Their Pod, eggnog is used in the glaze and poured over the cooled bread (which is also made with eggnog and rum extract, to really up that intense Christmas flavor).

Lil Luna takes her eggnog bread up a notch by using white chocolate pudding mix in her dough and then adding a couple tablespoons of eggnog to her glaze for that Christmasy feel.

At Well Plated, Erin opts to cover her eggnog bread with a rum glaze (you can also opt for bourbon or brandy if desired).

Well Plated by Erin

Are you or someone in your family allergic to gluten? Then you might want to make this gluten-free eggnog bread, which is made with a “Boozy Maple Glaze.” How amazing does that sound? Find the recipe from Julia on The Roasted Root. It’s made with almond meal (or almond flour) and the glaze is made with coconut milk, brandy and maple syrup.

The Roasted Root

You may have noticed that all of these recipes call for pre-made eggnog from your local supermarket. But if you don’t have eggnog on your grocery store shelves just yet, or if you just prefer to make your own, no worries. Making eggnog from scratch is actually really easy.

Susie Gall over at Simply Sated has a traditional eggnog recipe, which includes heavy cream, dark rum, whole milk and egg whites.

Simply Sated

Want an eggnog recipe that’s a bit lighter? Look to Lacey at A Sweet Pea Chef, who prefers to ditch the heavy cream and refined sugar for almond milk and honey.

A Sweet Pea Chef

Is eggnog not your thing? We forgive you. You can check out 13 other holiday quick breads right here — the list includes apple streusel, avocado chocolate, pumpkin and cranberry orange quick breads.

Now the most difficult decision will be which one to choose!

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