If You Stub Your Toe A Lot, You Might Want To Invest In A Hard Hat For Your Toe

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The pain that results from stubbing your toe is no laughing matter, but the fact that there are tiny construction hats that exist to prevent this is funny indeed.

The maker behind the Unnecessary Inventions website, Matt Benedetto, has come up with a product you never knew you needed because, well, most likely, you don’t actually need it. However, anyone who has ever stubbed their toe, and especially those who stub their toes on a regular basis, will certainly understand why this product could be a little piece of luxury for your feet.

The StubStopper is more of a gag than a product you can actually buy, but it’s not a terrible idea for those who love walking around the house without shoes. It’s fashioned to look like a hard hat and, essentially, that’s what it is — a hard hat for your toes, offering protection when you need it the most.

Is your home a hard hat zone? Then this could be the dream product for you. The Unnecessary Inventions Instagram account posted about the product, writing, “Equip your big toe with these pint sized hard hats to say goodbye to bruised toes and show that furniture leg who’s boss.”


This video from the LADbible Facebook account shows the StubStopper in action:

While you may not actually be able to go out and purchase this product, there are some options available online if you’re looking for the perfect way to protect those precious piggies.

For example, if you find yourself constantly stubbing your toe on the edge of your bed frame (especially in the middle of the night — ouch!), you may want to invest in these little bumpers that offer added protection. They’re available on Amazon for $7.95 per pack, sold as packs of two:


There are also these toe caps, which are technically designed to protect your toes from the rubbing and bumping that occurs while wearing shoes, but if you’re prone to toe stubs, it might be a good idea to wear these around when you’re shoeless, too. The gel covers slip right over your toes and provide an added buffer and extra cushion for toe protection. The toe caps come in packs of four and are available for $12.95 on Amazon:


So what do you think of the StubStopper? Is it actually as “unnecessary” as it seems?

We’ll see how you feel the next time you stub your toe, huh?