IHOP is mysteriously changing its name

What would the International House of Pancakes be without the pancakes? That’s what everyone is wondering as the restaurant chain casually dropped a bombshell on social media on June 4.

Now, don’t worry. The restaurant best known for its delicious stacks of fluffy pancakes isn’t flipping them off of their menu (pun intended). Instead, the announcement enticed the public about a mysterious name change coming up on June 11. IHOP’s tweet showed off the new name, which — on the surface — looks simple enough.

The tweet shows the “p” in IHOP flipping to a “b.” So, it looks like IHOP will be known as IHOB as of June 11.

But, why would a restaurant with a name ingrained into our culture make such a dramatic change? And why all the mystery?

Well, the mystery is has people whipped up like a pan of scrambled eggs, that’s for sure.

Some people believe the announcement is merely a publicity stunt to bring attention to the restaurant.

Other pancake lovers are flipping out at the mere possibility of the name change and refuse to accept it. One Twitter user even went so far as to compare it to other famous name changes that have met resistance over the years.


An IHOP spokeswoman from corporate headquarters in Glendale, California promises this announcement is not a publicity stunt. So, the speculation has begun as to what IHOB could stand for.

For many, the obvious choice is International House of Breakfast. Because, IHOP is all about the breakfast food, right? But, does the restaurant really need an overhaul of its popular branding to focus on breakfast? But, maybe it could be International House of Bacon. And, why not? Bacon is incredibly yummy, too!

But, many just think it’s flipping crazy to make such a drastic change. Even ESPN analyst Syzmborski had to wonder where IHOP executives’ concern over their identity is coming from.

The debate will likely just be getting started even after the June 11 announcement. But, we can’t wait to see what it is.

What do you think about IHOP’s decision to drop pancakes from its name?