Ikea has a new collection of Legos with clever storage boxes

If you have a Lego fan in your family, you know that one set is never enough. The bricks seem to multiply before your very eyes, and storing them can become an overwhelming task. And let’s not get started on those painful, late-night, barefoot encounters with bricks that were left on the floor.

Ikea has heard the pleas of parents everywhere and stepped up to the plate. The home furnishing retailer announced a new collection with Lego-loving kids and their parents in mind.

Ikea has teamed up with Lego to create a unique set of storage solutions called the BYGGLEK Collection. Both Ikea and Lego announced the collaboration to the public over their social media channels.

Ikea has a practice of naming products with a Swedish word that describes the type of product in that line. Google Translate shows that the word “bygglek” roughly translates to “construction game,” making it an appropriate label.

Ikea said in an introductory tweet that the word means “to build and play.”

According to an Ikea press release, the BYGGLEK collection will include four products: a set of three small boxes, two larger boxes and a set of Lego bricks. The lids and fronts of the containers are studded to be compatible with all Lego bricks, so kids can build on top and around the boxes as well as storing their pieces inside.

Ikea Canada posted this video on its YouTube page previewing the organizational pieces that encourage play as much (or more) as they encourage cleaning up.

Andreas Fredriksson, a designer at IKEA of Sweden, said that the collection was designed with playing in mind.

“At IKEA, we believe in the power of play,” Fredriksson said in the release. “Play lets us explore, experiment, dream, and discover. Where adults often see a mess, children see a stimulating, creative environment, and BYGGLEK will help bridge the gap between these two views to ensure more creative play in homes around the world.”

He also pointed out that the collection fits in seamlessly with other Ikea products. So, the creativity of children can be incorporated into your home decor in a unique way.


The BYGGLEK collection will be available in Ikea stores throughout North America and Europe beginning on Oct. 1 and rolls out globally after that. You will also be able to get it online at ikea.com.