Ikea is selling chocolate Easter bunnies you have to assemble yourself, just like their furniture

Now the kids can take part in the Ikea furniture-building fun! The Swedish furniture retailer is selling chocolate Easter bunnies that require assembly, so get ready for a fun DIY addition to your kid’s Easter basket.

Thankfully, these bunnies are much easier to assemble than actual Ikea furniture, considering they come in only three pieces and require no wrenches, screwdrivers or Allen wrenches to put together. Phew!

The chocolates are only available in Ikea stores and are retailing for $4.29.

They come packaged as a normal chocolate bar:


But, when opened, the packaging reveals a fun little Easter bunny model just waiting to be put together:


And when it’s finished, it’ll look a little something like this:


Then it’s time to eat it up!

In other words, this will be much more fun for the kiddos than putting your couch together was — which means this might be the most enjoyable Ikea purchase ever made, at least as far as the assembly process is concerned.

Ikea is notorious for its infuriating furniture packing and assembly. From the moment your package arrives to the moment your brand new piece of furniture is finally functioning in your home, it’s an unforgettable experience, to say the least. And those who are familiar with this process are getting a kick out of this build-it-yourself Easter bunny.

Twitter user @Iam_Canadian wrote, “Even the Easter Bunny comes as a flat pact from Ikea.”

And Twitter user @brigitteherrod is sending out a “well done” to “whoever thought this up at Ikea.”

The @CoolMomEats account is “crazy” for this idea as an Easter basket treat for “those of you who just can’t get enough of putting stuff together from Ikea.”

If you’d like to round out your Ikea-themed Easter celebrations, you can also shop gummy candies and more from your favorite furniture store.

For example, these gummies come in rhubarb, lemon or lime flavors and retail for $1.29 a pouch. They’re available for purchase in-store only:


There’s also this traditional Easter beverage available to shop in Ikea stores, too. According to ScandiKitchen, this soda is similar to a dark root beer and is typically enjoyed in Sweden around Christmastime and Easter. It’s available for $1.59 at Ikea.


Who’s ready to shop their Easter essentials from Ikea, too? It’ll give you all the more reason to swing by the store — as if those impeccable displays and meatballs weren’t already enough of an excuse.

Happy Easter, Ikea fans!