Your Pets Now Have IKEA Furniture To Call Their Own

ikea pet furniture

Your home may already be filled with IKEA furniture that your pets are convinced is theirs. But you no longer need to cringe as your furry friends leap up onto your couch with muddy paws: IKEA has released a furniture line just for our four-legged companions.

The new IKEA line is called Lurvig, which means “shaggy” is Swedish. The range is already available for viewing online and is reportedly in U.S. stores.

Lurvig contains everything from scratch pads for cats to dog beds complete with a frame that keeps with IKEA’s minimal aesthetic. So not only will this be great furniture for your pets, but it will also match the other IKEA pieces you own so you can keep your home looking cohesive.

Take a peek at what this new collection has to offer:

1. Cat/Dog Bed

This couch-shaped pet bed will fit in nicely in your living room without distracting from your decor. It can also be pushed up against your bed as a step-stool onto your mattress. It retails for $49.99.


2. Cat House On Legs

This double-duty piece functions as a side table and a cozy nook for your cat to cuddle up. It’s available for $49.99.


3. Cat House With Pad

This creates another cozy space for your cat, and can stand alone or fit within the Kallax shelf unit. The shelf unit is available for $34.99, and the cat house insert is just $10.98.


4. Pet Travel Bag

Take your IKEA style with you on-the-go thanks to this travel bag. It’s perfect for holding small cats or dogs and can easily be folded and stored when not in use. Get it for $24.99.


5. Pet Bed With Pad

Your pet will be in the lap of luxury on this cushy little throne, complete with a small pad. Its minimal design makes it perfect for any space and it retails for $27.98.


You can even flip this piece over and have it act as more of a stool than a bed if your pet prefers. It’s multi-purpose magic!


Of course, clever folks were hacking IKEA furniture to work for pets long before the Lurvig line existed.

For example, here’s how you can DIY an IKEA crate into a cute little pet bed.

You can even repurpose an IKEA bookshelf to be a playground for your cat. Watch how it’s done here:

So, whether you purchase these new IKEA items specifically designed for pets or create the furniture yourself, there’s no better way to make a space that feels like home for your animals.

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