People Are Obsessed With This 3-Foot-Long Plush Shark from Ikea — For More Than Just Its Price


Many of us had that one toy growing up that was so much more than just something to play with. It was a true companion, a comfort, a piece of home, a napkin — the list goes on and on. And apparently, a 3-foot plush shark from Ikea is that for plenty of people today, including grown men and women!

The shark, called Blåhaj on the Ikea website, isn’t your average stuffed animal. Sure, it’s plush, machine washable and snuggly, like you’d expect a stuffed toy to be, but it also likes to take showers, eat pizza and more, according to its proud owners. There’s an entire hashtag devoted to the shark on social media. People who have purchased the product can’t help but share about all of its adventures using #ikeashark on Instagram.

Not only is the shark great for snuggling people, but pets love it, too, according to Instagram user @toothlesstheheavyweight:

The shark’s a great companion for adventures, too. Instagram user @marydrgv’s shark is an artist with a love of taking photos:

And Instagram user @fabienneeglin shows that the shark loves camping:

The shark knows just how to keep warm, as showcased by Instagram user @bobblahaj:

Yes, as you might’ve guessed, this shark’s favorite meal is the same as yours: Pizza! That’s the case, according to Instagram user @dodopizza.pushkino:

Of course, the shark also loves a nice long shower when it’s not roaming the oceans. And it even needs to brush its big teeth, as Instagram user @veronica_blahaj points out:

Clearly, this sharks holds a lot of significance for its owners, proving that it’s way more than just a simple stuffed animal.


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If you’re interested in joining in on the adventures and making memories with Blåhaj, you can find the shark for $17.99 on the Ikea website. The company clearly markets it for children — but obviously, adults are having their fair share of fun with it, too.


If you’d prefer something other than a shark to cuddle with, Ikea has several large stuffed animals to choose from.

There’s this cute puppy (aka Hoppig), which also retails for $17.99:


Meanwhile, this panda bear (aka Djungelskog) is up for grabs for only $14.99:


If you’re shopping online, shipping prices at Ikea start at $9 for smaller packages, so you’ll have to factor that into the cost of these stuffed animals. That’s still a pretty small price to pay for a new friend, if you think about it!

So, which Ikea stuffed animal will become your new BFF?

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