Ikea wants to pay someone to go to Denmark and research happiness

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The key to happiness? No one knows for certain, but Ikea is willing to pay someone to try and find out exactly what it is. The furniture company is currently on the hunt for someone who can travel to Denmark and research happiness. Last year, Denmark was ranked among the top three happiest countries to live in, according to the World Happiness Report, which takes into account data on crime, income, civic engagement and health.

But Ikea is likely more interested in what makes people happy in the home, and Denmark seems to know a great deal about that, too. One psychologist and native of Denmark,  Marie Helweg-Larsen, declared in an article for Live Science that a large part of what makes the citizens of Denmark so happy is the idea of “hygge.” This is often translated as “cozy” but, according to Helweg-Larsen, a better translation is “intentional intimacy” which, according to her, occurs when “you have safe, balanced and harmonious shared experiences. A cup of coffee with a friend in front of a fireplace might qualify, as could a summer picnic in the park.”

Does an “intentionally intimate” lifestyle sound like it could bring you — and everyone else — happiness? There’s only one way to find out!


How To Enter

If you’re interested in traveling to Denmark to possibly find the key to happiness, once and for all, you’ve got until July 1 to enter to win. All you have to do is visit the Ikea website, fill out a form giving Ikea a little information about yourself and upload a 60-second video about why you’re the person for the job. It’s as simple as that!

According to the application, the right fit for the role is someone who’s curious, who loves to travel and meet new people and who doesn’t mind being in front of the camera. Oh, and having a deep desire to understand what leads to happiness wouldn’t hurt either! You must be 18 years or older to apply.


The Grand Prize

Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll be eligible to win the ultimate trip to Denmark, on Ikea’s dime. You’ll spend two weeks in Copenhagen in September, doing everything from making home visits, taking guided tours and attending talks and dinners to getting to know the Danish lifestyle. You’ll also have your own time to explore and find some happiness of your own. And as if paid travel expenses and a place to stay weren’t enough, Ikea will also give you a small salary for your efforts.

One applicant will be chosen and announced by mid-July.

Are you ready to help Ikea and all of its customers live a happier life? It’s no small task, but somebody’s got to do it. Might as well be you!

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