7 Stunning Images Of London That Will Make You Want To Book A Flight Right Now

Cheerio, let's go!

London is one of the world’s great cities with truly endless sights to see and experiences to enjoy. One of the things that makes London so special is its large number of diverse neighborhoods, each with its own personality and flavor. If you’ve never been to this amazing city, it is truly not to be missed. Since Brexit, the value of the pound has dropped, making a visit much more affordable than it once was. If you’re still not convinced, check out these incredible images of some of London’s top tourist destinations that will have you searching for flights today.

1. Portobello Road

Located in Notting Hill, Portobello Road is lined with colorful buildings and is home to a famed street market on the weekends, making it the perfectly whimsical shopping destination.

Flickr | Kieran Lynam

2. The London Eye

The London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel, has become one of London’s great landmarks, lighting up the skyline at night.

Flickr | Davis Staedtler

3. Borough Market

One of the best parts of traveling is the food, and Borough Market definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s one of the most renowned food and drink markets in Europe, packed with culinary delights from Britain and beyond.

Flickr | Herry Lawford

4. Tower Bridge

Often mistakenly called London Bridge, Tower Bridge is another iconic landmark of London, and it sure looks beautiful above the river Thames.

Flickr | Francesco Sgroi

5. Big Ben

What is a trip to London without a visit to Big Ben? You’ll no doubt be stunned by the architectural beauty of the clock tower at the Houses of Parliament.

Flickr | S Pakhrin

6. Brick Lane

Located in funky East London, Brick Lane is filled with creative and cool street art, but it’s also known for its many Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants, where you can get the best curry in town.

Flickr | Garry Knight

7. Covent Garden

Home to the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden is filled with street performers, pubs and restaurants, and shops, making it a great destination for an afternoon or evening stroll and a cocktail or bite to eat.

Flickr | Kate Russell