What is impossible cake, and is it really impossible to make?


Creative names are commonplace when it comes to dessert. Think of treats like dump cake, baked Alaska or puppy chow. But have you heard of Impossible Cake?

Chocolate Plus Flan Equals Impossible?

This two-layer cake is also known as “chocoflan” because it features two layers—one layer of chocolate cake and one of flan. While you might think of layer cakes as complicated to make—and despite this cake’s name—this recipe is actually pretty simple!

When you pour the two batters together, they seem like they are mixing. However, the layers separate in the oven because of their different weights. The flan sinks to the bottom, and the chocolate cake rises to the top. Sounds impossible, right? Ah, now the name makes sense!

impossible cake

A Great Take On Impossible Cake

There are many takes on the Impossible Cake, but we like this recipe from allrecipes.

You start by filling a tube pan with a layer of sweet caramel sauce. Next comes the chocolate cake layer. You can take a shortcut by using a boxed chocolate cake mix if you want. Or you can go all out and whip it up from scratch.

The chocolate cake is then topped with a layer of creamy flan mixture. While in the oven, the flan will seep through the batter and “rise” to the top.

Once the cake is out of the oven, it should cool for about one hour.

After removing from the refrigerator, flip the cake so that the flan is on top. Get the full details from allrecipes.

The site also suggests topping it with cajeta, a rich sauce made of goat’s milk or a combination of goat’s milk and cow’s milk. This impossibly delicious cake is sure to impress.

cajeta photo impossible cake
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Another Cake That’s Like Magic

Looking for even more mind-bending cake recipes? Check out Magic Cake. This cake is made of just a few simple ingredients, including eggs, milk, flour and butter.

Somehow, though, it magically turns into a three-layer cake with a spongy top layer, a dense bottom layer and a custard-like layer in the middle. Like the Impossible Cake, the magic (so to speak) takes place in the oven, where the layers separate, as seen below in this yummy-looking Instagram shot.


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