Groom makes 90-year-old grandpa his best man

When Indiana resident KC Schafer was a child, he told his grandfather he wanted him to be the best man at his wedding. His grandpa, Charles Schafer, never really took him seriously, thinking he “wouldn’t want an old man up there.”

KC, however, was quite serious. When the 27-year-old started planning his wedding to his now-wife, Sarah, it was a no-brainer to have his 90-year-old grandpa by his side on his special day.

“He’s been my role model and idol since I was a little kid,” KC told ABC News. “I spend so much time with him. He pretty much modeled me into the man I am today.”

Photography by Karissa

Before KC even proposed to his new bride, he took his grandfather ring shopping to get his help picking out the perfect engagement ring.

“I just sat there and watched him and he kept asking me if I liked them,” Charles said. “He said he was going to go down there to get a coffee maker, and as we got down there he said, ‘Let’s go look at ring jewelry. I said, ‘Are you going to buy a ring for Sarah?’ And he did. She’s a wonderful girl.”

At first, Charles wondered if he could keep up with the younger men in the wedding, but he was bringing quite a bit of experience with him. Not only had he previously been in eight weddings, but he served as a best man six times.

Photography by Karissa

“When I wasn’t the best man they got divorced. But every one of the six when I was the best man, they were together ‘til they died,” he said.

His ninth stint as a groomsman, however, was even more meaningful. Photographs from Photography by Karissa show just how special the day was.

Photography by Karissa

“I felt real proud,” Charles said. “It was an honor.”

Photography by Karissa

KC and Sarah were married on April 15, the same day Charles and his wife were married in 1950. KC’s grandma died in October 2015 after 65 years of marriage to Charles.

While it’s breaking tradition a bit to have a grandfather in a wedding, it has happened before. From bridesmaid grandmas to “flowergirl” grandpas, the sky’s the limit when it comes to including those you love in your wedding.