7 Indoor Dog Houses That Might Make Humans A Little Jealous

Pet lovers will go to great lengths to make their furry friends happy. From feeding them the best food to keeping them safe and calm during scary situations like fireworks or thunderstorms, many people who have pets are more than willing to go the extra mile for them.

So, of course, if you like to pamper your pooch, you probably want them to have a space all their own inside your home. For some, a cozy dog bed will suffice, but for true fur baby fanatics, only a lavish indoor dog house will do!

Want to give your dog a room of her own? Here are seven puppy palaces that will inspire you.

1. No Boys Allowed

Sometimes being the only girl in the house has its perks. Clearly, Mia is the princess in her home. She has her very own room, complete with a nightstand and a lamp.


2. Upgraded Dog Crate

Forget the regular crates in stores and give your furry pet an upgrade. This built-in crate fits right in with the decor in this room. How chic!


4. Wooden Space

Make the most out of unused spaces like this pet owner did by setting up a cozy nook for your pooch. Add some accessories and your dog’s favorite toys and you’ll have a hidden cove that’s fit for a king.


5. Home Sweet Home

Have multiple dogs in your home? Well, then you might just have to turn over an entire room to them! Check out the chic lounge furniture that these doggies get to enjoy. Chandelier optional.


6. Stair Space

Unused space under the stairs seems to be the perfect spot to repurpose as a doggie hangout. This one is decked out with artwork and mood lighting.


7. Home Inside A Home

These pet lovers took it one step further by completing their dog’s abode with an adorable exterior.


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