Inflatable Pub Brings A Wee Bit O’ Ireland To Your Backyard

Ah, but ’tis a fine day to head down to the local pub for a pint, isn’t it?

What? You don’t have an authentic Irish pub in your neighborhood? No problem, lads ‘n’ lassies — a company called The Paddy Wagon Pub has a huge inflatable pub for rent if you’re near Boston. (But we’re hoping the company will expand elsewhere soon.)

The pub holds 70 to 80 revelers and comes with a variety of beers on tap, plus traditional Irish food and more. So, it’s essentially a St. Patrick’s Day Party in a box!

The Paddy Wagon Pub

The decor suggests the typical pub, with “brickwork, chimneys, a fake fireplace and light fixtures printed right onto the vinyl,” according to Food and Wine.

The Paddy Wagon Pub

Traditional Irish cuisine is offered along with the pub. The company will provide sandwiches made with Irish meats and cheeses, as well as pies and pastries and, of course, Irish brown soda bread and treacle soda bread. You can also work with the staff to design a custom menu for your event. What a fun idea for a party!

The Paddy Wagon Pub

No Irish party would be complete without music and dancing. The Paddy Wagon Pub has also got you covered for entertainment. You can opt for a DJ or live Irish music, ranging from a solo fiddler to a four-piece band.

The Paddy Wagon Pub

If you really want to treat your guests to some traditional Irish entertainment, The Paddy Wagon Pub can arrange for Irish dancers to perform at your party. They can even teach you and your guests how to do a jig!

The Paddy Wagon Pub

Planning on having a bunch of wee ones at your shindig? Then inquire about the Irish wolfhound dogs the company can bring to your party to entertain the kids.

The Paddy Wagon Pub

With a setup like this, your St. Paddy’s Day party will definitely be the one everyone wants to attend!

The Paddy Wagon Pub

Planning a more intimate gathering? They also have a smaller version available for rent.

The Paddy Wagon Pub/Facebook

Now that you’re so excited about having an inflatable pub at your next party, you’re probably lamenting the fact that you don’t live in Boston, where this company is based. But there is hope!

Another company called rents them all over the country. The have several different pub styles to choose from — but these will cost you.

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The Pub, for example, holds 25 to 30 people and can be rented for $1,900.


For a larger gathering (with an even bigger budget), go for The Tavern, which holds 55 guests. You’ll need to shell out $3,900 for this one!

And these inflatable pubs aren’t just for St. Patrick’s Day. There’s even a German-themed saloon called Das Bierhaus — perfect for your next Oktoberfest party! It rents for $3,900 and has a 50-person capacity.

Ready to party? Bring on the Irish beer!

Originally published on Sept. 15, 2016 and last updated on August 23, 2019.

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