This Infographic Explains How To Avoid Online Phishing Scams

Keep your information safe and learn how to spot a scam.

It can be easy to just click on anything that pops into your inbox, in part because we all fear an immense pile-up of unopened emails. But, with scammers out there just trying to get their hands on your information, you’ve got to think twice before reading that email from a name or domain that you don’t know or trust.

If your social media or email has ever been hacked, then you’ve likely given away personal information that you’d rather have kept private. The best thing you can do is take preventative measure so that your email and social accounts never get hacked again.

Lifehacker recently shared a helpful infographic that information protection company Digital Guardian created to break down all of the ways that people are trying to gain access to your info.

Scams can come in the form of email, phony websites, text messages and phone calls, so there’s a lot to look out for nowadays.

Digital Guardian

Basically, if something seems a little off, it probably is. Whether it’s a phone call, text, social media message or email. Avoid doing whatever the message is trying to get you to do.

If it’s an email, you can get an indication of the message from the subject line. For example, if it’s from a company you’ve never heard of or something seems off, don’t open the email. Should you accidentally open it and there’s a link you’re supposed to click on, don’t click it. Just take extra precaution with emails from people and/or companies you’re not familiar with. It’s a simple rule of thumb to follow, but honestly, it can be easier said than done.

Thankfully, there’s this chart helps to explain exactly what to look for in phishing scams. From misspellings to newly created profiles, there are several ways to tell if something’s just not right.

It’s not just regular people who have to look out for this kind of thing, either. It’s also a concern for major corporations. Because when it comes to phishing, we’ve all got to stay informed.

[h/t: Lifehacker]