Infographic Shows How Far New Parents Go To Snag That Perfect Pic

If you’re a new parent or grandparent — or even a loving aunt, uncle or friend — you’ve likely gone to some pretty interesting lengths to capture that perfect social media-worthy picture of the newest arrival. From spending hours trying to take one photo, to new moms and dads picking out the outfit weeks in advance, all of it is pretty common — especially for first-time parents.

Online clothing store Mac & Mia surveyed 2,000 new parents to ask just how much their social media habits changed when they had children. From how much they post to social media now they they have a kid to whether they’ve dropped their phone on their baby while trying to get that perfect photo, the survey shows that most parents really enjoy sharing their child’s life on social media.

Before they had children, however, 24 percent of those surveyed said they didn’t think they would be posting photos to social media, and 18 percent say they were even annoyed when their friends posted baby pictures. Now that the tables have been turned, however, 45 percent say they post more now than they did before having children, with 73 percent saying they posted a photo on the day of their child’s birth.

Mac & Mia

Children have taken over the social media posts of their parents by a shocking 56 percent for women and 40 percent for men. Women average 7.34 posts per month about their children, with men not far behind at 6.16. Some parents even admit to spending up to two hours trying to take the perfect picture, while 16 percent dropped their phone on their baby in the process.


While 22 percent of parents say they feel inspired by their friends’ posts and want to recreate them, 20 percent say they actually feel competitive about their baby posts.

The main reason for sharing, though? Seventy percent say it simply makes it easier for friends and family to feel involved. It’s only 13 percent who say they do it because it “feels good to show off my child.”

Parents don’t seem to be too fond of other people posting photos of their child, however, with 54 percent saying they would ask for images posted without their permission to be deleted, and 60 percent of couples saying they discussed rules and boundaries for posting their baby’s photos.

Mac & Mia

So what does the future look like for these young social media stars? Well, nine percent of them already have a social media account, and 12 percent have their own hashtag. As they grow older, however, the likelihood of photos of them being all over the internet goes way down, with 44 percent of parents posting less once their child is over the age of 2.

When they get their own social media accounts, however, they’ll be tagged in plenty of photos, as 82 percent of parents say they’ll be keeping those baby posts up.

Check out the full infographic from Mac and Mia below:

Mac & Mia

Do you have a new baby in your life? How has it changed your social media habits?