This ingenious gadget will keep your guacamole fresh for days

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There’s no denying that guacamole is tasty and versatile. You can use it as everything from a classic dip for tortilla chips to an inventive sandwich spread. The one major downside to the avocado-based snack, however, is that it doesn’t seem to last very long without going bad. You know the crushing feeling of defeat when you reach into your refrigerator for the tub of guacamole only to see that dreaded brown layer on top.

Believe it or not, however, there is a product out there that claims to solve this common problem. It’s called the Guac-Lock, and it keeps guacamole fresh for days.

So just how does this ingenious invention work? It’s actually pretty simple. The reason that guacamole goes bad in the first place is due to oxidation, which occurs when the enzyme polyphenol oxidase, which is present in avocados, reacts with the oxygen in the air. So the key is to minimize the guacamole’s exposure to air, which is where the Guac-Lock comes in. Check out the video below, which shows how the product’s design squeezes all the air out of the container, keeping your guac fresh:

Pretty cool! This nifty gadgets is sold through Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon for just under $20. It has a solid 4.5/5-star rating on Amazon, and customers seem pretty pleased with the product in their reviews.

“Wow! This contraption really works!!” reads one review. “I make guacamole from scratch several times a month. I had a system that involved an air-tight container, cling wrap to remove all the air the surface of the guacamole, then another layer of cling wrap before placing the top on the container. It was a hassle and only helped the guacamole last a few days. Even then, the guacamole would turn somewhat brown and would lose its fresh flavor. By the end of day 3, a pool of liquid would pool at the bottom of the container. This container truly preserves my fresh guacamole. I’m on day seven and the guacamole is still bright green and flavor has hardly been lost. Very pleased! I bought one for a gift as well!”

“This works plain and simple,” writes another happy customer. “I eat and make a lot of guac and this is perfect for saving left over or making it ahead of time. I was skeptical and I am so glad I have it. Definitely worth the investment to me.”

If you have an avocado-lover on your holiday shopping list, I think you just found the perfect gift!