15 Incredible Weight-Loss Transformations To Inspire You

Losing weight is probably the most common New Year’s resolution. The start of a new year motivates many to try to create a new and healthier lifestyle. But losing weight isn’t easy and sometimes can feel overwhelming.

If you’re looking for some real inspiration, then take a look at these 15 people who transformed themselves by focusing on their eating, their activity and just an overall healthier lifestyle. These changes (and their amazing photos) are the proof that anyone can change their lives!

1. Airman Reaches For The Sky With New Lifestyle

Mike Daggett (aka FatDag) almost lost his Air Force career due to his weight. At more than 260 pounds, he decided he loved his career, his family and life more than food.

In March 2016, he started on Weight Watchers. Six months later, he reached his goal weight of 175 pounds! Now, he’s a Weight Watchers leader and has his own podcast, WhysAdvice, and website, FatDag.com, where he helps others on their weight-loss journey.

Mike advice: “Losing weight and getting healthy has nothing to do with luck. You have to remain disciplined and focused. Set your sights on your goals and go after it!”



2. Bride-To-Be Ready To Wow At Wedding

Instagram user Sophie (myweddingweightloss_sw) has a goal to be the most beautiful bride she can be. So, she decided to transform her life by eating healthier, moving more and documenting her journey via social media. She’s lost nearly 80 pounds so far and has gone from a size 24 to a 14/16.



3. Woman Keeps Off 90-Pound Loss For Five Years

Katrina (skinnieminnie on Instagram) has lost more than 90 pounds on her weight-loss journey and maintained it for five years. That is some serious hard work and determination. Her posts focus on the changes she’s made, including meal ideas and even challenges she’s faced. Her transformation is incredible!



4. Man Loses More Than 300 Pounds, Finds New Life

Jermaine Gause is loving his life after losing more than 300 pounds. He started his weight-loss journey at 639 pounds. About a year later, he’s down 303 pounds (and going for more) and loving his new life. He was recently featured on “The Doctors” TV show and in “People.”



5. Busy Wife Says Goodbye To Size 16

Laura (@get.fit.laura on Instagram) has lost nearly 75 pounds thanks to following a Keto/low-carb eating plan and embracing more activity. She’s gone from a size 16 to a size 4! Wow! Her posts feature lots of delicious meals she prepares. Plus, she talks about how she manages her lifestyle with a busy schedule and a husband who eats differently.



6. A Real Weight-Loss Surgery Story

If you’ve ever wondered what weight-loss surgery is really about, then check out Jamie’s (@416tofabulous on Instagram) posts. She fully documents her journey from pre-operation diet to living her new life. As of December, she’s lost more than 162 pounds and she’s not stopping now.



7. She Lost More Than 300 Pounds Naturally!

Lexi (@fatgirlfedup on Instagram) was looking to “change her life.” So on January 1, 2016, she started a journey that would definitely lead to a major transformation. She has lost 312 pounds since then and has made recent appearances on the “Megyn Today Show” and in the pages of “People” magazine!



8. Mom Makes Life-Changing Decision

Jess Dwiggins (@less_of_jess22 on Instagram) suffered from obesity and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). She knew she had to make some major changes in her life to be healthier. She wanted to be there for her young son and live to the fullest. She consulted with doctors, started changing her eating habits and decided on gastric surgery in November 2016. Now 100 pounds lighter, Jess’ success is motivating others, and you can see how happy she is about her accomplishments.



9. Woman Proves Losing 100 Pounds Is Not Impossible

Mandy (@makeup4mandy on Instagram) calls herself a “work in progress.” However, she’s already lost 100 pounds thanks to getting back to basics with her food and boosting her activity. As a makeup artist, her job is to make others look incredible. But her own personal transformation is stunning!



10. Two-Time Transformation Winner

Mary Maxwell’s (@maxwel1ma on Instagram) 164-pound weight loss has gotten a lot of attention. She’s been recognized by websites and publications for her incredible transformation. In fact, she’s earned a place in top 10 weight-loss transformation lists two years in a row! How did she do it? A combination of healthier eating, surgery and exercise.



11. Fabulous After Four Years

Erica (@purtyrycan on Instagram) started her journey toward better health back in 2013. She started out at more than 230 pounds. Today, she is documenting her change into a vegan lifestyle and continuing to lose weight.



12. Mom Makes Time For Herself — Loses More Than 100 Pounds

We all know how busy moms are. However, Britney LaVoie (@britgotfit on Instagram) decided she needed to make the time to take care of herself. So far, she’s lost 145 pounds and continues to work on her weight-loss journey.



13. She’s Now Happy AND Healthy

Haley J. Smith (@haley_j_smith on Instagram) stresses she was happy when she was heavier. However, she knew she wasn’t healthy and wanted to make a life change. Those changes led her to lose more than 100 pounds from her starting weight of 280 pounds!



14. Losing Weight As A Couple

It all began on Jan. 1, 2016, when Lexi Reed made a New Year’s resolution. At nearly 500 pounds, Lexi (@fatgirlfedup) knew her health—and possibly her life—were at risk. So, she and her husband Danny decided to take a weight-loss journey together.

They’ve shed more than 400 pounds between them over the course of three years and couldn’t be more proud of the weight loss they’ve achieved together.



15. Patient Persistence Pays Off

When Jack Abboudi (@jack_gets_fit) began his weight loss journey, he weighed in at 368 pounds. Over the next two years, he lost more than 160 pounds following a ketogenic diet and incorporating exercise.

Today he is a fit 198 pounds. Now, he is motivating others who hope to succeed in becoming fit through his Instagram account. As he says: “It takes time, hard work and patience.”