The inspiring story behind this woman’s rainbow-hued apartment

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Lately, the most popular colors in home design have been black, white or gray (or greige, a taupe-y gray). But while those colors give off a very chic, cool vibe, it has to be said that home decor has really been lacking in color lately.

Well, designer Amina Mucciolo is changing all of that with her amazing, rainbow-hued apartment. Pictures of her beautiful habitat have gone viral, and the internet just cannot get enough of this artist’s colorful vision.

Check out some pictures of her warm, vivid home:

And her soft, pretty, magical kitchen:

Her “crystal unicorn cave” of a bedroom:

I am in love! Don’t these images just give you a burst of happiness?

The story behind her rainbow-hued apartment is even more happiness-inducing. The 34-year-old designer first began her artistic journey when she was recovering from an eating disorder. After years of battling bulimia and depression, Mucciolo turned to art to help her process her feelings and reconnect with her self-worth.

She started by making “rainbow garlands” out of paper to hang in her apartment. It was an inexpensive way to bring beauty and color to her walls. But then, friends and acquaintances started asking for rainbow garlands of their own. It was not long before Mucciolo set up an Etsy account, and from there, her mission to beautify the world really took hold.

As she tells Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls:

“I listed a garland on Etsy, got my first sale the very next day and it all just started to snowball…I started Studio Mucci fresh out of recovery (for bulimia) and was really trying to practice self love and self acceptance. But I had no idea that so many people struggled with the same issues. I was vulnerable, I put myself out there… and the response has been amazing.”

What an inspiration! If you want to buy some of her colorful tassels to beautify your own space, head over to Tassel Fairy. Mucciolo also sells art and balloons. Here’s to a world of rainbows, unicorns and tassels!

[h/t: Scary Mommy]

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