Instagram bodybuilder is a Jennifer Lopez look-alike

Janice Garay/Instagram

If you thought you saw Jennifer Lopez lifting weights in Texas recently, I hate to break this to you—but it probably wasn’t her. Instead, it was probably Houston-based bodybuilder Janice Garay, an Instagram star in her own right who looks exactly like the “On the Floor” singer.

According to scientists and statisticians, it’s surprisingly likely that most people on earth have doppelgangers out there somewhere. There are a limited number of genes that influence facial features, and the human population is booming, which means there’s a fairly good chance that someone out there has facial features almost identical to yours.

“There is only so much genetic diversity to go around,” Michael Sheehan, assistant professor of neurobiology and behavior at Cornell University, told LiveScience in 2015. “If you shuffle that deck of cards so many times, at some point, you get the same hand dealt to you twice.”

Case in point? Lopez and Garay.

Garay has built up a following of over 147,000 followers on Instagram, and she frequently shares pictures in which she’s practically indistinguishable from Lopez, a similarity that hasn’t gone unnoticed by her fans. As one follower put it on a recent photo: “Crazy how much you look like J. Lo.” Several said they’d had to scroll back and make sure it wasn’t the singer.

Take a look at some of Garay’s photos, in all their Lopez-esque beauty, for yourself:

For comparison, here are a few snapshots from Lopez’s Instagram account, as well:

You can see how a person could be forgiven for mistaking the two gorgeous ladies—they could practically be twins.

After receiving endless comments about her similarity to Lopez, Garay posted a side-by-side picture of herself and the singer.

“So what you guys are telling me is that everybody has a twin and [Lopez] happens to be mine???” she captioned the Instagram shot. “I’ll take it!”

I totally would too, Garay. I would too.

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