This Instagram mom’s hilarious take on life will leave you laughing


Oh the joys of parenting. And being pregnant. It certainly isn’t easy, but one mom’s humor and perspective on both are giving all of us a good laugh.

Maya, who goes by @mayavorderstrasse on Instagram, regularly shares photos of life as a mom. Most recently, followers were treated to a series of photos showing Maya dealing with a second pregnancy while simultaneously raising her firstborn daughter Zoey, who isn’t even a year old yet. And then Hazel was born. While she most likely is completely exhausted, as is confirmed in her Instagram bio, we’re just glad she didn’t lose her sense of humor.

Some of Maya’s photos, particularly the ones that documented how far along she was with her second pregnancy, are enough to give just about anyone a chuckle.

If you’re a mom, you can probably relate to some of what she’s saying, right?

Her husband will occasionally pop up in a photo, and he seems like a good sport. For example, how funny is this photo with a watermelon strapped onto Maya’s husband using duct tape?!

“I was so tired of motherhood being portrayed as perfect, flawless and easy on social media, that I decided to embrace my chaotic life and just share it, in hopes of people relating to them and feeling better about not having it together!” Maya told

Even though this momma has her hands full with two little ones, she still plans on taking the time to post on Instagram.

“I want my kids to think back at their childhood and remember fun, exciting and loving moments,” she says. “I look at them, take a deep breath or leave the room for a few seconds to get myself together and come back calm and ready to deal with anything that might be happening,” Maya told

So if you’re looking for a good laugh or relatable mom to follow, Maya has you covered. We look forward to her weekly posts on life with Irish Twins. What will she think of next?

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