Know These 7 Interesting Facts About Peonies Before Adding Them To Your Garden

Peonies are gorgeous flowers that come in a variety of colors. Their large blooms, vibrant colors and wonderful scent probably has something to do with their extreme popularity.

But they’re not just a pretty flower, they’re also one that has a lot of history. They’re the national flower of China and were originally harvested in Asia and China for their medicinal purposes. Interesting, huh?

More practical facts can be helpful when gardening. For instance, they can attract ants. But, that’s no reason not to add them to your garden. Here are seven things you might like to know about these beloved flowers.

1. They’re In Season April-June

You can expect these flowers to bloom through the months of April and June.

peony photo
Flickr | Kent Wang

2. Peony Bushes Should Be Planted In The Fall

If you’re thinking about planting a peony bush, you should do so before the ground ever freezes over in the fall.

peonies photo
Getty Images | China Photos

3. They Were Originally Harvested For Medicinal Reasons

These flowers were believed to relieve headaches and help with asthma.

peony photo
Flickr | Ilweranta

4. They Love Potassium

A fertilizer that’s low in nitrogen but high in phosphorous and potassium promotes more flowers and fewer leaves. So, you can get more of those big, beautiful blooms you love.

peonies photo
Getty Images | Carl Court

5. They Can Grow Very Big

Blooms can be as large as 10 inches across in some cases. Your first blooms on a bush won’t be that big, but they’ll only grow larger with time.

peony photo
Flickr | Kinchan1

6. They Can Attract Ants

Peonies’ sweet nectar can attract ants, but they won’t typically stick around forever. Plus, they’re easy to shake off if you want to take a few blooms inside!

Flickr | Bulldog Pottery - Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henne

7. They Make A Nice Addition To A Yard Or Bouquet

These are great bushes to plant to add color and fun to your yard, but they also look incredible in bouquets for every occasion. So, whether you set them out on your kitchen table or include them in your wedding, there’s really no going wrong in terms of displaying these flowers!

peony photo
Flickr | waferboard