International Delight has a new Twinkies-flavored coffee creamer

Pouring cream into a cup of coffee

If you’re feeling a bit sluggish on these dark, cold winter mornings, there’s a new coffee creamer hitting stores soon that is sure to put a pep in your step.

New International Delight’s Twinkies creamer combines the sweetness of the beloved Hostess snack with coffee creamer. As you likely recall from your youth, Twinkies are little sponge cakes stuffed with creamy filling, so you can expect those flavors from the creamer.

There has been no word from International Delight regarding the Twinkies creamer just yet, but it does appear on Instacart, so it’s only a matter of time before it begins popping up elsewhere. According to Best Products, the creamer is a limited edition, but you’ll be able to find a 32-ounce bottle in stores for around $3.79 from January to July 2022.


The Twinkies flavor is just one new coffee creamer from International Delight. They released a Willy Wonka-inspired creamer last November that will add a splash of fudgy caramel to your coffee. The Whipple Scrumptious Fudgy Caramel coffee creamer is available in regular and zero-sugar varieties nationwide now for a limited time.

The brand has even hidden golden tickets on bottles of the creamers, giving 10 lucky customers some surprises, including a year’s supply of International Delight coffee creamer and limited-edition Willy Wonka-themed swag.

International Delight

Other International Delight flavors include Hershey’s Chocolate CaramelAlmond Joy and Cinnabon, plus a variety of seasonal flavors including Pumpkin Pie Spice and one inspired by the classic Christmas movie “Elf.”

Rival brand Coffee Mate also has a variety of coffee creamer flavors, including two cereal-centric options that were released last October: Rice Krispies treats and Golden Grahams.

The Rice Krispies treats creamer has flavors of marshmallow and Rice Krispies cereal, while the Golden Grahams flavor tastes of graham cracker, brown sugar and honey.


With all these choices, which coffee creamer will be trying first?

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