The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Incredible Play Kitchen A Mom Built For Her Little Girl

Rodessa Villanueva Reyes never expected the cute little play kitchen she built for her daughter to go viral. But it has. Made from recycled cardboard boxes that she collected from friends and family, she used her creative energy and ideas to craft something so adorable, it’s been shared thousands and thousands of of times over the last few days.

According to POPSUGAR, Reyes set up the boxes into a general shape and used a permanent marker to indicate where she wanted to make cuts for doors, handles, etc.


She then used vinyl stickers to cover up the boxes and made a custom sign for Audrey’s kitchen.

Look closely at the picture below. Her attention to detail is just incredible. See the microwave? It has a handle that sticks out. And the window on the “wall” not only has curtains, but a pretty “view” outside. Even the greenery is cute and makes it feel more real and authentic.


I think this is absolutely brilliant and such a clever idea! Her daughter, without a doubt, will enjoy this for hours to come.

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