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Colin Firth is a universally adored sex symbol. But tousled hair, sideways smirk and British accent aside, perhaps the best thing about Colin Firth is that there’s a Colin Firth for everyone.

Do you prefer your Colin Firth as the iconic Mr. Darcy, soaking wet in a ruffled white shirt? Is your Colin Firth of choice Mark from “Bridget Jones’ Diary,” all serious faces and gaudy reindeer sweaters? What about Colin Firth from “Love Actually,” the heartbroken would-be author who falls into a bilingual love affair? Or do you take your Colin Firth singing and dancing, glowing against a Mediterranean backdrop in “Mamma Mia”?

And how about modern day, real-life Colin Firth, with his thick frame glasses, silver-streaked hair and knowing grin?

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OK, OK, those were trick questions. At least for me, ALL Colin Firths are my favorite. Which is why I’d like to personally thank Buzzfeed for drawing my attention to a new version of Colin Firth I didn’t know existed: young Colin Firth.

This version of Colin Firth has somehow flown largely under the radar until now. But take a look at him, and you’ll see why he’s making waves:

Yeah, THAT Colin Firth.

This newly discovered young Colin Firth was in his twenties and starring in a movie called “Another Country.” At this point, no one knew he was going to become an internationally known movie star, although with that bone structure, surely someone suspected as much?


Firth turned 57 on September 10th, and he looks as handsome as ever. Still, it’s fun to look back and see a famous Hollywood crush in his youth.

The internet is going wild about these recently surfaced images. As for Firth? He’s been quoted as saying, “I absolutely don’t care about my looks and I’m so used to them that I wouldn’t change a thing.”

We wouldn’t either, Colin. We wouldn’t either.

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