The Internet Is Obsessed With These Glitter Mason Jars That Can Help Reduce Stress

When we think of things that are supposed to relax us, we usually think spa days, yoga or a beach getaway. But turns out, there’s an easier — and much more unexpected — way to relax that just involves a mason jar and some DIY skills.

Calming jars, which are just mason jars filled with glitter, have taken the internet by storm, helping people on Instagram and other social media sites calm their anxiety.

Barattolo della calma ✨ #CalmingJar #Montessori

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All you have to do is add water, glue, and some glitter to a mason jar, and the results are a mesmerizing swirl of glitter sparkles that can apparently help people feel more relaxed. 

How To Make A Calming Jar Once you have your materials (see previous post) it’s time to get mixing. Boil your water and add it to your container until it’s about a quarter of the way full.* Next add half a bottle to a full bottle of your clear Elmers glue.** Add about two table spoons on glycerin. This is optional, but makes the glitter swirl about in nice patterns, so when I can find it (in the pharmacy section) I add it. Add (with a light hand) food coloring of choice. In the jar pictured I added 1 drop red, 1 drop blue. You can always add more. Stir. Add your glitter. Don’t be shy. I tend to use about half a cup to a cup of glitter per jar. I use various shades of one color (because the glitter dyes the clear mixture as well and I don’t want my jar to look muddy). In this jar I used about 1/3 cup fine glitter. The rest was various types of other glitter I had laying around. You can look at the materials picture for specifics. Stir extremely well! The longer it takes to add the glitter, the less hot your water gets and the more difficult it will be to make sure the glitter doesn’t end up hanging out at the top of your jar or falling into sad glitter clumps at the bottom. Add more hot water and continue stirring until it looks about the way you want, adding more glitter and stirring as needed. *when using plastic containers – make sure the water isn’t hot enough to warp the plastic. ** the glue to water ratio depends on how quickly you would like your glitter to settle. More glue = slower settling time. Leave space at the top of your jar to add more water or glue as needed. Finally, there will be some glitter that will hang out at the top. Don’t worry too much about it (although a few drops of dish soap helps clear that up). Once you’ve finished, use the hot glue gun to seal your jar. This will prevent anyone from opening and spilling (or worse, drinking) your project. #howto #kids #parents #children #yoga #youcandoit #art #crafts #artproject #diy #mentalhealth #arttherapy #ihatehashtags #irony #calmingjar #glitterjar #glitter #anxietydisorder #anxietyhelp #impulsecontrol #mindfulness #familytherapy #meditation #mentallyfit #fitness #parentinggoals

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One video posted by Insider that featured these glitter jars has already gained over 20 million views.

Whether it really works or not, these easy-to-make glitter jars are worth a try. At the very least, you’ve got a beautiful-looking craft to display.