Apple’s IOS 10 Will Help You Remember Where You Parked

We’ve all done it before: parked the car somewhere, only to forget where exactly we left it. Even just a few streets can make a difference, and no one wants to waste 30 minutes wandering around trying to find their vehicle. Thankfully, the new iOS 10 update for the iPhone has set out to fix that.

With the new update, Apple Maps will mark your location when you leave your car, as long as you have GPS signal. When you return to the area where you parked—even if it’s a crowded parking lot—you can pull up Apple Maps, and “Parked Car” will appear on the screen. It will show the car’s GPS location as well as the approximate distance from where you are. And if you need even more help, Apple Maps can give you step-by-step directions on how to get to your car.

Talk about a lifesaver! Update your phone to iOS 10 if you want to make use of this handy feature.