Luxury Sleeper Train Shows Travelers Incredible Views Of Ireland

The dark horse, Liscannor, Ireland
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If traveling along the Irish countryside sounds like just the kind of vacation you’ve been needing, consider boarding the Belmond Grand Hibernian train. These train rides offer the best views of stunning, lush Ireland, with all of the comfort of a hotel room.

The train cars themselves are modeled after Georgian mansions of Dublin, according to Travel + Leisure. So whether you’re taking in the scenery outside of the train car or enjoying the interior design, you’ll be immersed in Irish culture.

The Belmond Grand Hibernian offers three different train trips. The least expensive is “The Taste Of Ireland,” which consists of a two-day ride along the northern countryside as well as tours of Curraghmore House, a historic estate, and the House of Waterford Crystal. This starting price for this trip is $4,291.

And the travel options only get more extravagant from there. Another option is the Grand Tour of Ireland, although it is presently sold out for 2018. The most expensive option is “Legends and Loughs,” which offers four days on board the train touring the Emerald Isle. There’s even a boat trip on Lough Leane, a lake in Killarney, included in this package. Prices start at $7,359 to enjoy this vacation.

Belmond Grand Hibernian includes a total of 20 cabins on the train, 16 twin options and four double en suite options. Here’s a peek at one of the cabins:

Belmond Grand Hibernian

Dining prices are included in the totals mentioned above, and you better believe that the meals served will continue to expose you to Irish cuisine.

According to the train’s website, “Food is the best way to explore. Our menus offer the truest taste of Ireland.”

Based on the TripAdvisor reviews, those who stay the night on these trains don’t regret it. Eighty-four percent of those who rated the service said it was ‘excellent.’

“The worst thing about this train is having to get off,” one review read. “Beautifully appointed, comfy cabins, airy and spacious dining cars and observation car, Michelin star quality food and fabulous service. Private tours and traditional entertainment all add to this very special trip overseen excellently and discretely by the Train Manager and the Belmond Team.”

If you’re looking to take in gorgeous views of Ireland, this looks to be a gorgeous way to go!

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