Chart Shows If It’s More Expensive To Raise A Boy Or Girl

As someone who is just about to have a baby, it can be a little overwhelming looking at all the costs associated with raising kids these days. While it’s not rocket science that these little bundles of joy will take a bite of your wallet, did you know there is a cost difference between raising a boy and girl?  This infographic published by MoneyTips highlights the average different spending on raising a boy and a girl.

MoneyTips surveyed parents across the country and asked how much money they spent on certain categories (food, school supplies, extracurricular activities, clothes and transportation) for their kids.  Interestingly, 60 percent believed that their daughters are more expensive than their sons.

And they were right, as parents’ opinions were backed up by their actual spending data. After all the data was compiled, MoneyTips found that parents on average spend $80 more each month on a girl than a boy. This totals to $960 per year, and $17,280 over the 18 years a child is typically at home.  Check out the chart below.

Is this accurate for your household?