Italy Is Going To Require Grocery Stores To Donate Any Unsold Food To Charity

Italy is about to pass a new law that would require any unsold food at supermarkets, restaurants and bars be given to the needy instead of being thrown out.

This regulation is spreading throughout Europe. France recently enacted their own version of this law, which fines supermarkets if they waste food.

Unlike France’s law, Italy wants to incentive (not penalize) companies to donate their food and will reduce their taxes when they participate. According to The Local, this will help reduce the huge €12bn waste problem that is currently confronting Italy.

The new bill has widespread bipartisan support and is expected to pass. It also includes provisions to allow businesses to donate food after its ‘Best By’ date has passed.

Italy’s Agriculture Minister, Maurizio Martina, told La Repubblica, “We are making it more convenient for companies to donate than to waste.”

What a great concept.  Let’s hope this makes its way across the pond to the U.S soon.  There’s a lot of positive impact that a program like this could achieve here.

H/T  Business Insider