10 Items Perfect For The Night Owls In Your Life

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Everybody knows a night owl – that person who is up hours after you’ve drifted off to bed. The one who can easily finish a full season of their show on Netflix while you’re sleeping soundly. Night owls might not get the early worm, but they still deserve great gifts this holiday season. (Because we’re optimistic that they’re looking up gifts to buy for you when they’re on the Internet at 2 am.)

1. Night Light With Portable Lamps

Know somebody who is frequently up in the middle of the night to get a snack or go to the bathroom? Have them carry one of these glowing balls when they walk around the house so they don’t have to flick on every light switch as they go. Plus, they change color. Win-win.


Portable Globe Colorful LED Balls, $37.97

2. Adjustable Laptop Stand

You know when you’re in bed with your laptop on your lap, and your thighs start to get warm because your laptop has been sitting there for so long? Well, no more of that.

Give the night owl in your life this adjustable and portable tray for optimal comfort. With room for a laptop and drink, what else could they need?


Kings Brand Foldable Adjustable Laptop Stand, $31.99

3. Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Who wants a midnight snack when you could instead have a midnight drink? These wine glasses are silicone, making them shatter-proof, and stem-less, making them easy to hold while laying in bed. This package comes as a pack of two.


Lovit Scientific Unbreakable Silicone Wine Glass (set of 2) $12.99

4. Roku Streaming Stick

Plug this into your TV’s HDMI port and late-night watching options are endless. Control from the included Roku remote or your mobile device, and instantly scroll through over 2,000 channels.

Yes, Netflix and Hulu are available, but there are also news, sports, music and kids’ channels to give a wide range of late-night entertainment.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 2.35.02 PM

Roku 3500 Streaming Stick, $46.99

5. Light Reflective LED Armband

These reflective arm bands are not only trendy, but they also provide visibility to a late night runner when it’s dark outside. The straps come in a variety of colors, are safe, adjustable and a fun accessory.


X-Bright Running Light Reflective LED Armband Bracelet, $15.99

6. Convertible Pillow Stand And iPad Holder

Anybody can place this pillow around their neck for ultimate comfort, or easily convert it into a very soft iPad holder. Perfect for staying up late in bed, on a plane, in the car and more.


Convertible Pillow Stand/Holder for iPad and Tablet, $16.99

7. Horizontal Reflective Glasses

The night owl in your life will thank you when you give them these reflective glasses. With these on, anybody can watch TV or read a book while completely laying down while not straining their neck. Some may call it lazy, I call it practical.


Horizontal Periscope Glasses, $10.28

8. Book Page Holder And Bookmark

For those who stay up until the early hours of the morning reading, this would be perfect. This book holder one-ups a typical bookmark because it not only keeps track of your page, it also keeps the book wide open and can be placed at an exact line of the page you’re reading.


Thumb Thing Book Page Holder, $5.24

9. All Nighter Coffee Mug

Keep your night owl hydrated! Give them this oversized mug to sip their coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or whatever their drink of choice may be.


‘All Nighter’ Oversized Mug, $19.46

10. Automatic Coffee Maker

For when your night owl has to wake up in the morning, make it more bearable with a programmable coffee maker.


Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, $42.99